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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) - A young whale has washed up dead in Virginia.

The Virginian-Pilot reported Thursday that the juvenile humpback came ashore on the north end of Virginia Beach. The spot is along the Atlantic Ocean and just south of the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

The whale may have been the same animal that someone spotted floating near the bay's mouth earlier in the week.

Alexander Costidis of the Virginia Aquarium said the whale was "pretty decomposed."

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Two more dead whales have been shown up off the coast of Northampton County.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports R & C Seafood put up a photo of a dead humpback whale on the beach the village of Oyster.

The paper reports that the Virginia Aquarium sent a team to the scene but was unable to perform a necropsy because of the isolated nature of the area.

The company posed another photo of a dead while on April 15th.

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) - Fishing boats off the East Coast recently encountered a rare sight: Two great whites feasting on a 50-foot dead whale.

The Virginian-Pilot reported Tuesday that the whale was bloated and floating about nine miles from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The fishermen said the whale was too decomposed to determine its species. They said one of the great whites was about 12 feet long.

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The Ocean City Fishing Pier got an unusual visitor.

A whale was caught on video bumping into the structure around noon on Friday.

It was taken by 25-year-old Troy Bickle from Pennsylvania and shows the whale break out of the water before it flipped its large tale and swam away.

He told the Salisbury Daily Times that he never thought he would experience anything like that.

Bickle said he saw a wave coming toward the pier when the whale showed up.

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (AP) - A dead humpback whale that washed ashore in Rehoboth Beach is the fifth such whale death in Delaware in the last 10 months.

Media outlets report The Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute collected samples from the 37-foot, 11-inch whale that came ashore Thursday.

MERR executive director Suzanne Thurman says the whale death is a concern because it'll be the fifth humpback whale that has been stranded in Delaware in a 10-month period. She says they normally see that number in 10 years.

virginia aquarium marine science center

Another dead whale has shown up at Port Mahon but strong winds kept officials from recovering the animal to find out why it died.

Suzanne Thurman, executive director of the Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute, told the Wilmington News Journal that the mammal appeared to be a juvenile humpback.

This is the fourth such incident in Delaware.

Meanwhile, the Virginia coast also saw four such fatalities late last year.

All of this has led the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to declare an unusual mortality event.


Another dead whale has washed ashore along the Virginia coastline.

This time the deposed body of a humpback was discovered in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend.  

It’s the fourth so far this year.

Alexander Costidis with the Virginia Aquarium’s Stranding Response Team told the Salisbury Daily Times that at least some of the local whales appear to be spending considerable time in the Bay’s shipping lanes.  

He added it’s believed there are more whales in the area this year than in the year.

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) - For the second time in a week, a dead whale has been spotted in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Media outlets report that the whale was spotted over the weekend near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center spokesman Matt Klepeisz says a team is working to determine the exact location and how to bring the body to shore.

Klepeisz says early estimates put the whale at about 30 feet, which is "consistent with the size animal we would expect to see in this area."