Virginia Citizens Defense League

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ROANOKE, Va. (AP) - A Virginia woman is planning to sue a social services department that she says fired her for having a concealed weapons permit.

Storm Durham tells The Roanoke Times she's working with Second Amendment advocacy group Virginia Citizens Defense League to pursue a lawsuit against the Roanoke Department of Social Services after her social media posts about her firing Friday went viral.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia Democrats say their major Election Day gains in November have boosted the odds of passing new gun control measures.

Democrats in the swing state swept three statewide offices and picked up at least 15 House seats, nearly erasing Republicans' lead in Virginia's lower chamber. Republicans narrowly lead the Senate.

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FREDERICKSUBRG, Va. (AP) - A Fredericksburg judge has refused to block a gun give-back event sponsored by the city's police department.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League and gun dealer and collector Patricia Webb sought an injunction to stop Saturday's event, claiming an ordinance was required. They also said the event could deny business opportunities to dealers and collectors of one-of-a-kind weapons.