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With the unemployment rate just under 15 percent the coronavirus pandemic the economic outlook for the near future is uncertain. Gene Sperling, an economic adivisor to presidents Obama and Clinton and author of a new book "Economic Dignity" tells Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush that he does not expect a quick turn around as we head into the second half of the year. (Part 1)

Virus Update

May 1, 2020

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland is reporting more than 37,000 unemployment claims filed for last week. The numbers reported Thursday marked the third straight week the numbers have declined from more than 109,000 the week of April 4. There have been more than 385,000 claims filed in the last six weeks. That's an unprecedented surge in a state where businesses have been shuttered for weeks in response to the coronavirus. The number of cases has bedeviled the state labor department's unemployment website. Gov. Larry Hogan acknowledged the “serious problems” with a new website on Wednesday.

Don Rush

The unemployment rate in Wicomico County is 4 percent the lowest in the last 12 years.

Dave Ryan executive director of Salisbury-Wicomico Economic Development told WBOC that actual employment grew by 1.6 percent.

He said that’s the fastest rate in the last five years.

Ryan noted that the region has been lagging behind recovery from the Great Recession with the national jobless rate at 3.5 percent.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in in Worcester and Somerset counties came in at 5.3 percent.

Don Rush

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia's unemployment rate has held steady at 2.8 percent for six months.

Gov. Ralph Northam's office announced Monday that the rate remained unchanged in January.

According to the governor's office, Virginia has the sixth lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the country. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the U.S. in January was 4 percent.

Don Rush

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia's unemployment rate has dropped slightly from June to July to 3.1 percent.

It's the sixth consecutive month that the labor force has expanded in the state.  The jobless rate declined 0.1 of a point from June to July. It was down from 3.7 percent in July 2017.

Last month's 3.1 percent rate was the state's lowest since August 2007, when it was also 3.1 percent.

Virginia's unemployment rate remained below the national rate in July, which was 3.9 percent in July.

Don Rush

The jobless rate in Delaware fell to 4 percent last month.

For the first time in a decade the number of unemployed residents fell below 20,000.

WBOC reports that was in 2008 there were 19,499 were without a job.

In addition, the time of being out work was shorter with male workers experiencing 19 week of unemployment while women averaged 26 weeks over the last year.

Don Rush

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate held steady at 4.9 percent in June.

The Virginia Employment Commission said Tuesday the state's jobless rate continues to best the national unemployment rate, which was 5.3 percent in June.

Virginia's seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment in June stood at 3.8 million, an increase of 13,400 jobs. That marked the third consecutive monthly gain.

Don Rush

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The Virginia Employment Commission says the state's jobless rate fell in January to 4.7 percent, the lowest rate in more than six years.

The state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was down from 4.8 percent in December 2014 and down from 5.3 percent a year ago.

The commission says January's rate was the lowest rate since October 2008.

Industries seeing employment increases included private education and health services, construction and manufacturing.

Don Rush

Things are looking up for the First State’s job market.

The unemployment rate in Delaware fell to 5% in January.

That’s down from 6.1% during the same period last year.

There's another piece of good news.

The Gallop organization listed Delaware in the top ten for job creation.

Wages also rose in January.

The weekly earnings went up to $726 a week from an even $700 in December.

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On the unemployment front the state of Delaware saw it rate bump up to 6.9 percent last month that’s up a tenth of a point from July.

George Sharpley with the Delaware Department of Labor says generally there is a slowdown during the summertime.

But expects the economy to pick up in the final quarter of the year.

Wilmington saw its jobless rate tack upward by two tenths of point to 10.8 percent while Dover experience a drop from 9.1 percent down to 8.6 percent.  



            The latest revised Labor Department figures indicate that the Delaware job market has been recovering a lot faster than many economists had originally thought.

            The statewide jobless rate actually fell below 8 percent in June 2010 rather than in October 2011.

            The First State’s unemployment rate reached a high of 8.5 percent rather than 8.8 percent that had been previously reported.