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The deadline may have passed for paying your federal income, but there is still time for Maryland state taxpayers. Comptroller Peter Franchot told Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush that over two million filings have already been processes so far.

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The Biden administration plans would before congress would raise taxes on the top .7 percent of earners in the Maryland and the top .5 percent for those in Delaware. Meanwhile, Chuck Marr with the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities told Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush that a new report finds there would be a major boost for those with children.

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The Maryland Comptroller's office has processed some 2 million tax returns so far. But Comptroller Peter Franchot tells Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush that taxpayers should be on the lookout for scammers.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is currently a candidate for governor.


Taxes can be overwhelming for the best of us. But if you're an immigrant and your primary language is Spanish working through the tax forms can seem insurmountable. In Mayland the Comptroller's Office has created the position of Hispanic Affairs Outreach manager. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush caught up with Adriana Lee to talk about her efforts and the growing Latino taxpaying population.

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It's tax time for Marylanders. Comptroller Peter Franchot delayed the filing deadline to July 15th with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush talked with the comptroller as they hurry to get their taxes filed.


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Maryland businesses and residents will get a 90-day extension to file their income tax.

There will be no interest or penalty payments if tax forms are filed by July 15th.

WBOC reports that Comptroller Peter Franchot said it was time for residents and businesses to focus on their health and keeping the lights on.

He said that this will keep the cash flowing through the economy and into employee’s bank accounts.

The move follows a similar action announced by the White House.

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If you visit the old Maryland tax website it will be looking a bit different.

The Maryland Comptroller’s office announced that it has been redesigned to make it more user friendly especially for mobile devices such as laps tops and tablets.

This range from the latest technological advances and new compliance features to integrated social media to help navigate the site more easily.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia tax officials are reminding taxpayers that they must file their individual income taxes by July 1 in order to qualify for the Tax Relief Refund.

The refund is the result of state legislation passed by the General Assembly earlier this year in response to the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

An individual filer could receive up to $110, while a married couple filing a joint return could receive up to $220.

The law requires checks to be mailed out by Oct. 15.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A Maryland measure that's the first of its kind could help people without health insurance find out if they qualify for free or low-cost insurance after they file their taxes.

Gov. Larry Hogan is scheduled to sign the bill Monday.

It will create a box for people to check on state income tax returns. If selected, the state's health care exchange will see if the person qualifies for low-cost insurance, based on information in their tax return.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia taxpayers are only a few days away from a key deadline to pay their state income taxes.

The deadline to file state tax returns is May 1.

The state grants an automatic six-month extension to taxpayers who miss the deadline, but taxes still need to be paid by May 1 to avoid penalties and interest.

Taxpayers have an added incentive to file their returns in a timely manner this year. Those who file before July 1 will be eligible for a one-time tax refund of $110 for individuals and $220 for couples. 

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Some fees and taxes are going up in Bethany Beach this summer to meet the needs of its growing population and tourism.

The resort hopes to bring in as much as $150-thosuand in additional revenue.

The money will go toward financing projects ranging from wheelchair replacements and new trashcans to comfort station renovations and the increasing cost of Bandstand performances.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the resort rental fees will rise from $50 to $100 a year.

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The $375 million budget from New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer is in and there are no new taxes.

Most of that is the $300 million operational budget that will see a 3 percent increase of $9 million.

That will go for personnel costs which should go up by around 3-to-4 percent.       

But this does not mean property owners won’t see their taxes go up.

Under a tax bill property owners will see a 15 percent increase that will be phased in over a two year period.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Embattled Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is compared himself to Jim Crow-era lynching victims as he resists widespread calls to resign, prompted by allegations of sexual assault.

In a surprise speech Sunday in the state Senate at end of the 2019 legislative session, Fairfax denied the allegations and said the truth is on his side.

He mentioned legislation that the General Assembly passed expressing "profound regret" for lynchings in Virginia between 1877 and 1950. Fairfax, who is black, said his opponents were "willing to do the same thing."

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam wants to make it easier to vote early and harder for political candidates to bring in big checks.

The Democratic governor outlined a package of proposed legislation Monday that includes a bill to allow no-excuse absentee voting.

Virginia currently limits absentee voting to people with qualifying reasons.

The governor is also proposing new campaign finance limits that would cap donations at $10,000, block direct donations from corporations, and prohibit lawmakers from the personal use of campaign funds.

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The Maryland Comptroller's office has issued a list of individuals and businesses that owed collectively over $12 million in taxes. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush caught up with Comptroller Peter Franchot to talk about the program that has been around since 2000.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginians have just a few more days to file their state tax returns.

Unlike most states, Virginia's individual income tax deadline does not coincide with the federal tax deadline of April 15.

Virginia gives its residents until May 1 to file their state tax returns.

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Property taxes and sewer fees could be going up in New Castle County.

County Executive Matt Meyer has proposed doing just that in his $325 million operating and construction budget.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that Meyer told the county it was time to bridge a structural deficit.

Meyer’s plan would hike property taxes by 15 percent bringing in $17 million in additional revenue.

He also wants a 12 percent increase in resident’s sewer fees that would add another $30 million.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - The Maryland Senate has passed a bill so Marylanders can keep taking state personal exemptions on their tax returns.

Senators voted 45-0 for the bill Tuesday. A separate bill is in the House.

The measure is part of state lawmakers' response to the federal tax overhaul approved in December.

Maryland state tax revenues are estimated to increase by about $730 million, if the federal law is determined to eliminate the state's personal tax exemption. Local government taxes would go up $490 million.

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Governor Larry Hogan delivered his final State of the State address in his first term calling for bipartisanship, but Democrats delivered sharp response. Delmarva Public Radios Don Rush has this look at the speech and reaction.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is giving his fourth and final State of the State speech of his first term.

Hogan, who hopes to become the first Republican governor to be re-elected in Maryland since 1954, has focused on economic concerns in previous speeches.

He also has taken the opportunity in past years to outline his legislative agenda to the 188 members of the Maryland General Assembly, which is controlled by Democrats.

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Delaware lawmakers are looking to cut the state taxes on casino revenues to help ailing industry.

The measure would slash the tax on table games from 30 percent to 15 percent while creating tax brackets for slot machines.

State Senator Brian Bushweller who sponsored the bill told WBOC that he believes the current tax structure threatens casinos.

He represents a district that includes Dover Downs which employs around 15-hundred workers.

The Dover Democrat said that the measure would cost the state more than $20 million.

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It's tax time as many Marylanders are filling out their forms. But next year could be more challenging with the passage last year of the tax cut package in Washington. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush caught up with Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot as his department kicks off the tax season.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland lawmakers are bracing for a challenging session wrestling with changes in tax and health care law in Washington.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a Democrat, told senators Wednesday on the first day of the General Assembly's 90-day session that lawmakers will need to come up with equitable solutions to "these very weighty issues that have been passed down from the federal government."

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Senator Chris Van Hollen told the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce yesterday that the recent tax cut package approved by the Senate would disproportionately hit Marylanders.

WBOC reports he said that compared with other states Maryland residents would see their taxes go up with the elimination of the deduction for state and local taxes.

The Senate bill does double the standard deduction for both individuals and those who file joint-married.

And, the Maryland Democrat acknowledged that some would benefit.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Delaware's senior senator is calling on President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to work with Democrats on tax reform.

Sen. Tom Carper and fellow Democrat Chris Coons hosted a roundtable discussion in Wilmington on Monday on what they say is the negative impact of Trump's tax plan on Delawareans.

Coons expressed concern about cutting billions of dollars from Medicare spending for what he described as a tax rate cut for corporations and for the richest Americans.

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MILFORD, Del. (AP) - Delaware's attorney general has ruled that a local school board violated the Freedom of Information Act.

The News Journal reported on Monday that state Attorney General Matt Denn's office ruled the Milford School Board violated FOIA when it failed to include a vote for the 2017 tax rate on its original June 2016 meeting agenda.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - House lawmakers are giving initial consideration to host of proposals by Democratic lawmakers to increase taxes on Delawareans to help balance the state budget.

Among the bills up for discussion Wednesday in a House committee is a proposal to raise income tax rates across the board, eliminate itemized deductions and increase the standard deduction, and creating a new tax bracket for income above $150,000.

The committee also will consider a competing proposal to create two new tax brackets at $125,000 and $250,000.

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NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - A state panel has increased Delaware's revenue forecast for the current and upcoming fiscal years.

The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council on Monday boosted its current year revenue estimate by $12.5 million compared to its May projections. The revenue estimate for fiscal 2018, which starts July 1, increased by $13.5 million.

Adding reversions of unspent funds, available revenue for fiscal 2018 increased by $27.4 million. That still leaves a gap of more than $350 million between estimated revenue and proposed spending for next year.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - House lawmakers are taking a first look at a bill that would allow school districts in Delaware to raise taxes without the approval of local residents.

The bill to be considered in committee on Wednesday allows local school boards, starting in tax year 2018, to increase the rate or amount of a tax originally authorized in an election without going back to voters.

The increase would be limited to the higher of a rate equal to the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index, or a rate of 3 percent every two years without a further election or referendum.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Gov. John Carney is appearing before Delaware lawmakers to outline his political agenda for the next year and his priorities for his first year in office.

Carney, who took office in January, is scheduled to speak to a joint session of the legislature on Thursday.

Among the issues he is expected to address are the budget challenges facing the state and his ideas for creating jobs and growing Delaware's economy.