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Representative Andy Harris has drawn national attention with his effort to overturn results of the electoral college and the storming of the Capitol building. Salisbury City Council Vice President Muir Boda, who quit the GOP to rejoin the Libertarian Party, is now considering a challenge to the Eastern Shore Republican. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush talked with him about Harris and what may lie ahead. (Part 2)

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The Republican Party has found itself in disarray as it grapples with the post-Trump presidency. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush talked with Salisbury Council Vice President Muir Boda who quit the GOP and has returned to the Libertarian Party. As he contemplates a run against Republican Congressman Andy Harris we talked about what has happed to the GOP. (Part 1)

Don Rush

Mayor Jake Day swept to victory for a second term as Salisbury’s chief executive with 86 percent of the vote.

His opponent Wayne King received 14 percent.

The totals were 2,276 to 377.

Voters emerging from the District 3 polling place:

Day promised that he would begin strategic planning for the next four years.

He added that his election along with the five winning council members represented a rejection of the angry politics of our time.

Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush caught up with Day to talk about the significance of the election.


The City of Salisbury celebrated the restoration of the 1955 War Memorial.

Mayor Jake Day and other members of the city council attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at Pricilla Street and North Salisbury Boulevard.

The Salisbury Daily reports that council member Muir Boda told the gathering that the idea for the memorial came from local resident James Agnew.

The four-sided monument stands 32-feet tall tapering off as it reaches into the sky.

Atop is a 200-pound bronze Eagle.

Since its construction the monument began to show cracks.

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The Salisbury City Council has put off the question of increasing the salary of the Mayor.

At last night’s session council members looked at whether the salary should be increased from $25-thousand to $75-thousand a year.

It has not gone up over the last ten years.

WBOC reports that former mayor and current city council member Jim Ireton said he was against going above $40-thousand a year.

Meanwhile, council members Muir Boda and April Jackson appear to be looking at something between $50-thousand and $60-thousand a year.

Hayden Donnelly

Local officials have plans to remake Crossroads of Delmarva.

Mayor Jake Day has presented plans to develop a nine mile pathway cutting through the heart of Salisbury.

The price tag is over $14 million and the city council members appear to be on board.  

Delmarva Public Radio’s Hayden Donnelly prepared this report.


The Salisbury City Council decided not to hire the law firm of Cockey, Brennan and Maloney last night.

There were two no votes and one abstention.

The abstention came from R. Hardy Rudasill who has just come on the council to replace Laura Mitchell.            

He said that he had a conflict of interest since he worked for the firm.

Council members Jim Ireton and April Jackson rejected the law firm while Jack Heath and Muir Boda voted yes.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Robin Cockey represented the City Council from 1986 to 1994.


R. Hardy Rudasill has been appointed to serve out the rest of the term on the Salisbury City Council that had been left vacant by the departure of Laura Mitchell at the end of last month.

The vote was 4 to 0 yesterday.

The 38 year-old attorney and compliance officer for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore said he applied because his friends and neighbors believed he would be a good fit.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that he is a native of Prince George’s County and graduated from UMES in 2006.

Salisbury could be looking at banning toy and BB guns that look like the real thing.

City Council member Muir Boda told the Salisbury Daily Times that he was concerned about the police shootings that involve people with the replicas.

The council member works for Wal-Mart where these types of look-alike weapons are sold.

Toy guns do have the orange tip to distinguish them from the real thing but Boda notes that BB and pellet guns do not.

Mayor Jake Day told the paper that the legislation being offered by Boda is something that could be considered.

Don Rush

A big crowd that included state and local leaders showed up for the swearing of Salisbury Mayor Jake Day and the newly elected city council members last night at the Cypress Street Fire Station.

Don Rush

Mayor-elect Jake Day will be taking the helm in the wake of yesterday’s city election which also saw a dramatic change in the city council.

Day ran unopposed as did council vice president Laura Mitchell.

The Mayor-elect said, “This is going to be a different council and they’re all going to have to work together. I am excited for them. They have to be a team. And, we have to be a team as a city.

For voters there was a myriad of issues on their minds:

Don Rush

With the Salisbury city council elections just around the corner it was realtors, developers and landlords who were providing candidates with campaign funds.

Roger Mazzullo who is challenging Mayor Jim Ireton in District 4 pulled in $3,450.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that 90 percent of that came from landlords, their employees or business associates.

Ireton has been a strong critic of the landlords in Salisbury and has proposed rent stabilization measure which was tabled by the city council.  

The mayor has raised $870.

Officiail Council District Map

This November the Salisbury will have a second minority-majority district in the city council elections.

The new district is the result of the decision by the city council to not only divide up the council into five districts but also the recognition that the minority community is now approaching 40 percent.

Delmarva Public Radio’s Kaydee Jones has this look at the candidates vying for the seat.