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Local leaders in Wicomico County and Salisbury gathered this week to figure out how to combat rising heroin and opiod addiction rates.

Just this week the county council voted to fund a program called Community Outreach Addiction Team that uses peer counselors to help those with addiction.

Among the attendees were law enforcement officials Sheriff Mike Lewis, County State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan as well as political leaders County Executive Bob Culver and Mayor Jake Day.

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Tonight Wicomico County law enforcement will be attending a forum at Salisbury University on the police community relations.

The meeting at the Guerrieri University Center at 7 p.m. will take up changes in law enforcement over the last thirty years.

It will also allow citizens to ask questions.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that among those in attendance will be Salisbury Police chief Barbara Duncan and Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

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The rise in heroin addiction has led more than 200 parents and family members to come out tonight for a candlelight vigil at the Salisbury Riverwalk Park at 5:30 p.m. tonight (9/16).

Many have lost loved ones to the epidemic or have loved ones who are still battling their addiction.

Among those in attendance tonight will be City Council Vice President Laura Mitchell whose loved one has been battling heroin.

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The Wicomico County State’s Attorney says that the picture of a methadone bottle posted by a local blogger with Salisbury City Council member Laura Mitchell’s name on it did not come from police evidence.

WBOC reports that Mitchell said she believed the bottle was in police evidence after an alleged traffic stop with her son.

State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello said that after checking there was no possibility that the photograph came from any sort of law enforcement contact.

MD Pot Decriminalization in Effect Today

Oct 1, 2014

Starting today possession of up to ten grams of marijuana will now be subject to a civil citation of a $100 in Maryland.  

The second offense goes up to $250 and the third to $500.

Instead of being arrested police will issue a citation although Wicomico County States Attorney Matt Maciarello says age would be important in how the court handles the citation.

WMDT reports that when the case goes to court police will reportedly be able to use their knowledge and training to prove there is less than 10 grams.


The charges against 17-year old Jocori Scarborough have been reduced in the alleged rape of a fellow female 15 year old student at Parkside High School.

He now faces second degree rape, false imprisonment and second degree assault as well as possession of a fire arm by a minor among other charges.  

The first degree charges of rape, assault and kidnapping have been dropped.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matt Maciarello said those counts were dropped after reviewing the case.


The Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s office will not have a prosecutor present for all bond review hearings after the recent release of Jocori Scarborough who is facing charges in connection with the Parkside High School rape case involving a 15 year old fellow female student.

In addition, the court will provide information about the dates and details of the defendant’s cases.

Initially Scarborough was released on $100-thousand bond but the judge revoked his bail after discovering that he was also facing a charge of weapons possession by a minor.

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Salisbury residents gathered at First Baptist Church to question law enforcement officials in the wake of three police-involved shootings – two of them fatal.

Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan told the audience that her officers only use deadly force in instances where it is being used against them or against another.

She added those instances are “few and far between”.

In addition some at the meeting raised the prospect of creating a citizen review board.

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - The Wicomico County State's Attorney says three Salisbury police officers involved in a car chase that ended with the death of a 15-year-old driver won't face criminal charges.

Matt Maciarello said Wednesday said an investigation into the March 7 provided no basis for charges of manslaughter by vehicle or reckless driving.

He said he decided the officers were "prudent and professional."