Kent County Sports Complex

The Delaware Department of Transportation will be spending at levels not seen since the Great Recession began.

There will be $3.4 billion shelled out from the capital transportation plan that runs from 2017 through 2022.

It will spend nearly $600-million on paving and road rehabilitation.

Other projects range from $261-million to widen Delaware Route 1 near the Roth Bridge to $41 million on ramps at the I-95 and SR 141 interchange.

track and field,

FREDERICA, Del. (AP) - A bid process will soon begin for a proposed athletic complex in Delaware that is to be built starting next year.

Boosters say the Kent County Sports Complex will include 10 grass athletic playing fields, four outdoor artificial turf fields and an indoor track and field. They're hoping the complex can create jobs and millions of dollars in economic development.