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It was a frustrating standoff at the Wicomico County Council with the decision to make John Psota the acting County Executive. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush looks at the impasse.

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It's called the Del-Mar Energy Pathway. And, the pipeline would bring natural gas to Somerset County. Chesapeake Bay Journal reporter Jeremy Cox tells Delmarva PublicĀ  Media's Don Rush that some opposition is beginning to be heard. (Part 2)

PAC 14

The fight over who will succeed the late Bob Culver to be the next Wicomico County Executive has resulted in the extension of the deadline for applications until September 14th. The consensus decision still leaves the question of how open the process will be. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush takes a look at the struggle now brewing within the council.

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Dr. Rene Desmarais' decision to decline the offer of Wicomico County Executive sends the issue back into the laps of the County Council members. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush caught up with Council member Josh Hastings on his reaction, what went wrong and where the council goes from here.

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In a surprise move the Wicomico County Council chose Dr. Rene Desmarais as the new County Executive.

He beat out the odds on favorite Republican Delegate Carl Anderton as well as former county employee Michele Ennis.

The vote was four to three with Council President Larry Dodd and council members Nicole Acle, Ernie Davis and Joe Holloway voting for him.

Supporting Anderton were council members Council Vice President John Cannon and council members Bill McCaine Josh Hastings.

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Bob Culver who died of liver cancer on Sunday was only the second Wicomico County Executive. And, during his tenure he developed a strong sense of what the position should be. Delmarva Public Media's Don Rush talked with county council membere Josh Hastings about his tenure and his impact on land conservation issues.

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This past week saw two unexpected moves in Wicomico County. On Tuesday Sheriff Mike Lewis withdrew his resolution calling for making the county a second amendment sanctuary. Then, last Friday County Executive Bob Culver ordered the removal of a plaque for the notorious confederate general John Winder. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush talked with county council member Josh Hastings about these major local events.

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The seven member Wicomico County has two new Democrats Bill McCain and Josh Hastings.

That means the current council with six Republicans will now see a four/three split as the two join the other Democrat on the council.

McCain replaces Council member Matt Holloway who did not seek reelection.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that McCain joins Council President John Cannon (R) in at-large-seats beating back efforts by Republican Julie Brewington and Democrat Jamaad Gould.

Meanwhile, Hastings captured the 4th District seat against Republican Suzannah Cain.