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The government shutdown will have its effects on Delmarva.

Officials at the Assateague Island National Seashore told the Salisbury Daily Times that the park will remain accessible as possible.

The visitors center will be closed but the rest of the park should remain open unlike the shutdown of 2013.

Meanwhile, at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in southern Dorchester park officials planned to allow the Wildlife Drive for photographers to open unless ordered closed.

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Senator Chris Coons believes that the budget committee appointed to hammer out a budget by December 13th will be successful.

As a member of the 29 member committee that came out of the government shutdown the Delaware Democrat told the Wilmington News Journal that he chooses to be optimistic.

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Congressman Andy Harris opposed last night’s bipartisan deal that reopened the federal government and extended the nation’s debt ceiling.

The Eastern Shore Republican in a statement that he could not back a measure that would continue spending levels and does not reduce the $650-billion budget deficit.

He also blasted the continuing exemption of congressional members from the Affordable Care Act as well as other “accounting gimmicks.”

Friends of Blackwater Wildlife Refuge

Hunters with permits will not be able to go inside the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge this month if the government shutdown continues.

The gates are locked and caution tape blocks off entrances into the refuge.

And, Tom Hook, Treasurer of the group Friends of Blackwater tells WBOC that the park rangers are still on duty and will hand out tickets to trespassers.

If the park is still closed by the weekend of the 18th and 19th  the next time the refuge will be open to hunters will be the first weekend of November.

Dogfish Head Brewery Website

The latest casualty of the government shutdown is the local craft brewery.

Brewers in Delaware and around the country says while they won’t stop putting out their best-known brands anything new ones will have to wait.

There’s a small federal agency in the Treasury Department that over sees all new breweries, recipes and labels.

And with the government shutdown there’s no one around to approve the latest creative brew.

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The chief federal judge in Delaware has ordered restrictions on travel, training and hiring as the government shutdown in Washington continues.

The order issued Thursday by Chief U.S. District Judge Gregory Sleet mirrors one issued the same day by the chief judge of the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

Sleets order says travel by court officials in Delaware without his consent is to be avoided, and that training activities are suspended. Sleet also said any hiring of new personnel or new expenditure of funds requires his approval.

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Families of the fallen are now being forced to pay their own way or find unofficial help from generous donors to make the trip to Dover Air Force Base to meet their loved ones who have died in the service of their country.

In addition, they are not being paid the $100-thousand tax-free lump sum meant to help pay for the sudden loss of income, funeral expenses and other unexpected needs.

All of this comes as the result of the government shutdown.

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Despite some of the Federal Aviation Administration's inspectors taking forced time off for the government shutdown, officials with the Wicomico Regional Airport say there is not a safety concern.

Airport officials say air traffic control services are considered a "life safety issue," so they are currently exempt from the government shutdown, and the Wicomico Regional Airport's traffic control tower is still operating.

The Salisbury Times reports that the airport is still unsure of what may happen if the shutdown continues.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Classes are returning to normal at the U.S. Naval Academy as all civilian faculty return after being furloughed last week due to the partial federal government shutdown.

Cmdr. John Schofield, an academy spokesman, said Monday that "everything is back up academically."

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Most of the 869 federal civilians who were furloughed by the military in Delaware last week are coming back to work.

All of the 500 furloughed workers at Dover Air Force base are back on duty.

And, the Delaware National Guard says there’s another 340 employees around the state who were being notified that they should return to work.