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BALTIMORE (AP) — The former mayor of Baltimore is set to sentenced in a lucrative, years long scheme that sold her self-published children’s books to nonprofits and foundations to promote her political career and fund her run for mayor.

Catherine Pugh is scheduled to appear Thursday in federal court in Baltimore.

The 69-year-old pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy and tax evasion charges in November.

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BALTIMORE (AP) — Federal prosecutors want the disgraced former mayor of Baltimore to be sentenced to nearly five years in prison for the scheme involving sales of her self-published “Healthy Holly” children's books.

In a sentencing memorandum filed Thursday, prosecutors told a judge that would be an adequate punishment for Catherine Pugh and would deter other politicians from breaking the public's trust.

Pugh pleaded guilty in November to federal conspiracy and tax evasion charges in a deal with prosecutors.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The University of Maryland Medical System says it is seeking to recover a remaining $400,000 that it paid to the former Baltimore mayor who pleaded guilty to federal charges in a case involving sales of her self-published children’s books.

The new chairman of the system’s board told a Maryland House of Delegates committee on Thursday that the system has recovered about $100,000 of the $500,000 it paid to Catherine Pugh.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Baltimore's disgraced ex-mayor has been charged with perjury for failing to disclose her business interest in a self-published children's book.

Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton Howard announced the charges Wednesday relating to Catherine Pugh's financial disclosure forms from when she was a state senator.

BALTIMORE (AP) - The disgraced former mayor of Baltimore has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy and tax evasion charges but pleaded not guilty to wire fraud in a case involving sales of her self-published children's books.

Catherine Pugh pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to defraud the government and tax evasion. The pleas came a day after an 11-count indictment was unsealed.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - The ex-mayor of Baltimore, a city where law enforcement has long fought corruption and violent crime, is set to appear in federal court on fraud and tax evasion charges involving sales of her self-published children's books.

Catherine Pugh is scheduled to surrender to U.S. Marshals on Thursday before the initial court appearance. The charges stem from her "Healthy Holly" children's books whose sales netted the former mayor of Maryland's largest city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - An auditor for the state of Maryland says his office has been "hindered" repeatedly in an audit of the University of Maryland Medical System, which has been rocked by scandal and resignations of board members.

Maryland Legislative Auditor Gregory Hook has asked state lawmakers for an extension of a December deadline to report. Legislative leaders granted the extension to March 13.

Hook wrote in a letter late last month that the system has failed to make employees available to provide information on a timely basis.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore's mayor says it is not his administration's fault that the city is bracing to surpass 300 homicides for the fifth year in a row.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Democratic Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young said at a press conference Wednesday that he's "not committing the murders," asking "how can you fault the leadership?"

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BALTIMORE (AP) - The man who suddenly found himself mayor of Baltimore, after the previous mayor resigned in a scandal, now says he plans to run for the office.

In an interview Tuesday with The Baltimore Sun, Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young said he changed his thinking after previously indicating that he would not run.

Catherine Pugh resigned as mayor in May amid a scandal and multiple investigations into the lucrative sales of her self-published children's books. Young automatically became the permanent mayor after serving as city council president.

BALTIMORE (AP) - The University of Maryland Medical System has elected a former chief of staff to a governor as chairman of its board of directors and a retired federal judge as vice chair.

The system said in a news release that James DiPaula Jr. was elected chairman of its board of directors and retired Judge Alexander Williams Jr. as vice chair.  DiPaula was the state budget secretary and chief of staff to then-Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. 

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A former board member of the University of Maryland Medical System who resigned amid a scandal involving former Mayor Catherine Pugh has now resigned from the university's Board of Regents as well.

The Baltimore Sun reports no reason was given for Robert L. Pevenstein's departure.

Pevenstein was one of several members to resign as details of the medical system's book deal with Pugh came to light. She resigned last month amid an investigation into whether sales of her self-published books were used to disguise kickbacks.


BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore Mayor Bernard "Jack" Young is set to be sworn into office.

The ceremony Thursday comes a week after his predecessor resigned amid corruption investigations.

Young began leading the mid-Atlantic city on an interim basis in early April, when Catherine Pugh took a leave from her role as mayor due to what her lawyer described as poor health following a bout of pneumonia.

Young automatically became the permanent mayor when Pugh resigned May 2.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Three members of the University of Maryland Medical System's board have resigned in the continuing aftermath of a scandal involving financial arrangements that recently led Baltimore's mayor to resign.

The system announced Tuesday that board chairman Stephen Burch is resigning effective July 1.

Kevin O'Connor also resigned effective July 1. Dr. Scott Rifkin's resignation is effective immediately.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - After ex-Mayor Catherine Pugh's rapid collapse amid multiple public corruption investigations, Baltimore is quickly shifting into a new era with Mayor Bernard "Jack" Young at the helm.

Young is a fellow Democrat and a longtime leader of the City Council who automatically replaced Pugh after her resignation Thursday afternoon.

In a photo interview, Young told The Associated Press he's focused on reducing eye-popping rates of violent crime and tidying up the city's streets.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has resigned amid an intensifying scandal and multiple investigations into the lucrative sales of her self-published children's books.

Steven Silverman is Pugh's attorney. He announced Pugh's resignation at a news conference Thursday afternoon. He said it will take effect immediately.

Reading from a written statement from Pugh, Silverman quoted her as saying, "Baltimore deserves a mayor who can move our great city forward."

The decision comes exactly one week after FBI and IRS agents raided the mayor's home and City Hall offices.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - The president and CEO of a regional medical system has resigned following revelations of numerous questionable financial arrangements involving board members, including Baltimore's embattled mayor.

Robert Chrencik had led the University of Maryland Medical System since 2008 before being sent on a leave of absence in late March. He departed on leave amid allegations of "self-dealing" involving a third of the $4 billion hospital system's volunteer board of directors.

BALTIMORE (AP) - A growing tide of Maryland officials are calling for Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh to step down after federal agents raided her government offices and city homes.

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan says the first-term mayor is "clearly not fit to lead." Numerous Democrats repeated calls for her immediate resignation.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - When Bernard "Jack" Young automatically became Baltimore's acting mayor on April 1, he emphasized that he'd act only as a "placeholder" for the embattled elected mayor.

But it's been more than three weeks since Mayor Catherine Pugh slipped out of sight on an indefinite leave of absence, and it appears Young is settling in for a lengthy stint as Baltimore's No. 1 official.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore's embattled mayor and five of her staffers are now on paid leave amid a scandal over book sales.

Mayor Catherine Pugh went on leave April 1, saying she needed time off to recover from pneumonia. She's also facing intense scrutiny over the sale of her children's books to entities that do business with the city.

Five members of her staff also have been placed on leave recently. The city isn't saying why.

The Baltimore Sun reported Thursday that their annual salaries add up to at least $622,000.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Maryland's governor has signed fast-tracked legislation to overhaul a medical network's board of directors following revelations of numerous questionable financial arrangements.

Baltimore's elected mayor, Catherine Pugh, is the public face of the University of Maryland Medical System scandal. She sold $500,000 in self-published children's books to the $4 billion network while she sat on its volunteer board.

BALTIMORE (AP) - Close advisers to embattled Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh say she's still recovering from a serious case of pneumonia.

The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday that Catherine Pugh continues to convalesce at home and is under doctors' supervision. Pugh's personal attorney, Steven Silverman, added that "her doctors are confident she will recover her health and strength in due course."

Pugh abruptly took leave more than a week ago. Since then, a scandal involving her sale of children's books to high-profile clients has only intensified.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A federal judge enforcing a sweeping police reform agreement in Baltimore has stressed that political winds change but court orders do not.

In the wake of a scandal engulfing Baltimore's mayor, U.S. District Judge James Bredar said the consent decree agreement to reform Baltimore's beleaguered force will withstand any "drama and trauma" in city leadership.

The judge's comments come as multiple officials are pressing Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh to resign amid investigations into lucrative deals she negotiated to sell her self-published children's books.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore's city council is calling on Mayor Catherine Pugh to resign as investigators probe lucrative deals she negotiated to sell her children's book series.

The current lineup of 14 council members has signed a two-sentence letter urging Pugh to step down, taking the only step it can to pressure her out of office amid the political scandal.

BALTIMORE (AP) - A spokesman for the embattled mayor of Baltimore says she'll return from her leave of absence as soon as her health allows.

Spokesman James Bentley told The Baltimore Sun on Saturday that Catherine Pugh's health is improving. It's unclear when she'll return. It won't be Monday.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore's acting mayor has ordered a review of the most recent city contracts after the elected mayor stepped aside amid a scandal involving the sale of her self-published children's books.

Acting Mayor Jack Young told reporters Wednesday he's directed Baltimore's law department to pull roughly 90 of the most recently authorized contracts. Pending contracts before the city's spending board will also be reviewed.

BALTIMORE (AP) - At least one Baltimore City Council member is calling for Mayor Catherine Pugh to resign as a scandal intensifies over allegations of "self-dealing" arrangements to sell her children's book series.

Councilman Zeke Cohen says Pugh has "lost the moral mandate to govern and the public's trust." Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot has also urged her to resign. Cohen, Franchot and Pugh are Democrats.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has sued the owners of Pimlico Race Course in an effort to seize the horse racetrack and block the move of the Preakness Stakes out of the city.

News outlets report that on behalf of the city, Pugh is also trying to prevent the Stronach Group from using state bonds to fund improvements at Laurel Park, which is being eyed as the new home for the second jewel in the Triple Crown.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Gov. Larry Hogan has scheduled a meeting to discuss how to address revelations that about a third of the University of Maryland Medical System's board of directors has received compensation through the network's contracts with their businesses.

Hogan is scheduled to meet with Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, House Speaker Michael Busch and officials from the system on Wednesday afternoon in Annapolis.

Miller told reporters Tuesday he hopes the meeting will result in a unified response. The Senate president says there needs to be an audit.

BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore has filed a federal lawsuit against the Trump administration alleging that "unlawful" efforts to alter a longstanding policy are deterring immigrants from receiving public assistance they are entitled to.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Some officials in Maryland are calling for more transparency of police personnel files and disciplinary records.

The Baltimore Sun reported Saturday that Maryland shields such records from public disclosure. But the recent corruption convictions of some Baltimore police officers have prompted calls for a change. Some officers had faced internal misconduct allegations.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said through a spokeswoman that "the issue of disclosure and transparency warrants a fresh look."