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BALTIMORE (AP) - A gun rights group has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Maryland's recently enacted ban on devices that increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic firearms.

The complaint filed Monday by a group called Maryland Shall Issue says the ban passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Larry Hogan in April violates both the federal and state constitutions.

The ban prohibits the manufacture, possession, sale or transfer of any "rapid fire trigger activator" such as a bump stock. It is scheduled to take effect Oct. 1.

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Delaware’s House of Representatives has approved a ban on bump stocks that turn a semi-automatic rifle into a near automatic weapon.

The measure was approved by a vote of 25-to-2.

There were 11 Republicans not voting.

WBOC reports that the measure was primarily backed by Democrats who said the device was an attempt to circumvent the federal ban on automatic weapons.

Opponents of the measure argued that it required people who legally bought the device to turn them over to law enforcement.