Special Offers

Weather Sponsorship

Add public radio to your marketing strategy for less than $2.00 a mention! 

Your business can sponsor Weatherology reports on all three  DPM stations, providing over 500 mentions per month –  an average of 16 mentions per day! * 

As an exclusive sponsor, your business will be mentioned during each regularly generated Weatherology forecast for the duration of the sponsorship. Your business will receive repeated weekly exposure to DPM’s entire public radio audience on the Eastern Shore. **  DPM uses Weatherology, a service that provides weather updates in real time. Weather forecasts air during news programming, and throughout the day on all three DPM stations: WSCL 89.5, WSDL 90.7, and WESM 91.3.   This is a special opportunity to receive a high level of exposure  for less than $2.00 a mention! 


Contact your DPM Sales representative for more information. 

Hannah Miller - Underwriting and Marketing Coordinator

Anne Young - Serving Delaware-based businesses

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