Special Offers

Buy One GIVE One - Help your neighbor and community

The effect of COVID-19 on businesses on Delmarva is especially disruptive to local charities and nonprofit organizations that depend on donations to provide critical services to our community. Losses in funding limits their ability to help our neighbors that need it most.

A recent IAB study of 400 buy-side decision makers, showed that most advertisers have shifted their messaging to mission-based and cause-based marketing messages.

Promote your brand’s special messaging using Delmarva Public Radio and we’ll match it with a schedule recognizing your support of your organization’s favorite local non-profit.

On your behalf, your DPR sales representative will contact your chosen nonprofit to share your generosity, craft messaging that includes your company name as a funder and confirm broadcast dates. Packages must start before June 30, 2020. 

Three package options:

$600 Package: 30 drive time spots for the for-profit/sponsoring business and 30 run of schedule spots featuring the nonprofit partner (60 total spots) 

$1000 Package: 50 drive time spots for the for-profit business and 50 run of schedule spots featuring the nonprofit partner (100 total spots) 

$1,400 Package: 70 drive time spots for-profit business and 70 run of schedule spots featuring the nonprofit partner (140 total spots)

Contact your DPR Sales representative for more information. 

Hannah Miller - Serving Maryland-based businesses 

Fadwa Webster - Serving Delaware-based businesses


DPR Cares Special

Delmarva Public Radio understands that the business community is working hard to adapt to a new way of operating during this crisis. The critical backing of the business community is a big part of the reason we are able to bring you insightful, objective and necessary information in these uncertain times. DPR is proud to be a part of the Delmarva business community and wants to help.   

DPR is offering a $450 package that includes 40 run of schedule spots, which can be used on any timeframe. All 40 spots air on both WSCL 89.5 FM and WSDL 90.7 FM. Contract must start by June 30, 2020.

Contact your DPR Sales representative for more information. 

Hannah Miller - Serving Maryland-based businesses 

Anne Young - Serving Delaware-based businesses