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The Delmarva Peninsula is a rapidly changing place. Development is booming, we are becoming more diverse, and our arts scene is gaining recognition. Delmarva Today explores the issues and people who make living on the Peninsula such a unique place.

Your host, Don Rush, seeks out guests and issues that impact the daily lives of our listeners. How will possible wind power impact your wallet and the environment? Are local bloggers helping or hurting public discourse? Is there a way to balance the desire to preserve our small towns' heritage and encourage economic development?

From Dover to Wallops Island, from the Bridge to the Beaches and everywhere in between, Delmarva Today explores what's happening today and tomorrow in Delmarva.

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This year marks the 200th anniverssary of the birth of Fredrick Douglass. Local Eastern Shore historian Linda Duyer taks with Don Rush about Douglass' life.

Angela Byrd

This month’s edition of Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is the third in the series on free speech. The first discussed the challenges to free speech on college campuses; the second considered whether free speech is being seriously challenged in civil society today. Our program this month addresses the question of the meaning of free speech in the digital age. It’s clear that the internet and social media have radically changed the nature of communication: the way information is broadcast and received today and perhaps even the way we see ourselves.

Audio from the September 15th appearence by NPR Political Editor Domenico Montanaro at the Milton Theater.

Remembering the 1931 lynching of Matthew Williams in Salisbury, Maryland.


James Yamakawa

Nicholas Creary, Assistant Professor at Bowie State University

Maryland Lynching Memorial Project

National Folk Festival

In the first half of today's program, we take a look at Supreme Cout nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Then we learn all about some of the food offerings at this weekend's National Folk Festival in Salisbury, MD.

Harold Wilson sits down with Thomas H. Linehan, author of Hannah Gould

With the Nazi invasion of Poland many Jews wound up as partisans fighting the occuapation. And, many of those were women. The Jewish Partisan Foundation spoke with many of these women after the war. Drawing from those interviews, Delmarva Public Radio's Harold Wilson tells their stories.

In the first half, we meet Earl Swift, author of "Chesapeake Requiem"  about the plight of watermen on Tangier Island.

In the second half, we chat with Lora Bottinelli, who is leaving the Ward Museum of Wild Fowl Art

Delmarva Today 08-17-18

Aug 17, 2018

Don Rush sits down with Jim Mathias , candidate for Maryland's  State Senate.  In the second half, meet Jerome Segal, who is working to establish the Bread and Roses Pary in Maryland.

Guests: Jim Mathias

Jerome Segal

A look back at the White nationalist rally one year ago in Charlottesville, Virginia and a new book all about the  travels Harriet Tubman took on Delmarva.

Guests: Kirkland Hall former President of the local NAACP branch, now running as a Democrat for the Delegate seat in Maryland's District 38a.

Michelle Ennis, with Tri-Community Mediation in Salisbury

Jim Duffy, authour of Tubman Travels.

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Don Rush sits down with Mary Beth Carozza (R-38C), candidate for Maryland's  State Senate.

Guest- Mary Beth Carozza, candidate for Maryland State Senate

Hal Wilsons speaks with John Reisinger about his book, "The Secrets Behing The Structures"

John Reisinger’s book is about what he calls the back stories behind some of the world’s greatest structures. “Structures have back stories,…sometimes stretching over  centuries and involving wars, intrigues, disasters, and bizarre characters. From the Cathedral at Chartres to the Great Wall of China, the world is full of beautiful and impressive structures with an inside story that few know about.”

In the first half of today's program, Gretchen Hanson continues her conversation with Allen Orr regarding the reunification of immigrant families at the southern border.

In the second half, Don Rush sits down with Joanne Guilfoil to discuess her book, "Flying Over Delmarva"

Guests: Allen Orr, Esq. founder of Orr Immigration Law Firm P.C.

Joanne Guilfoil, author of Flying Over Delmarva.

In the first half of today's program. Gretchen Hanson gets recation to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

In the second half, we look at a fiction book, Hope Never Dies, which pairs Barack Obama and Joe Biden for a fun high stakes thriller. 


Anisha Singh, with the Center for American Progress

Tom Jipping, Deputy Director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

Greg Bassett with the Salisbury Independent stops by to share his insights to the coming match ups in the coming November elections.

Angela Byrd

It’s summer and we’re talking about the beach today; the sand, the sun, the warmth that draws us by the thousands to the edge of the sea. For those who live along the edge of the ocean, and even for those who visit for a short period of time a way of life develops that is more relaxed, open, and even accepting. There is a tactile sense—a feel of touching, being more like one with the rawness of nature. We could say there is something we might call beach life. Host Harold Wilson’s guest on today’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is Nancy Sakaduski.

National Folk Festival

On the first half of today's program, Lora Bottinelli and Juila Olin tell us all about the Folklife Area and Stage coming to the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, Maryland September 7-9th, 2018.

In the second half, Gretchen Hanson gets answers regarding immigration to the United States and recent policy from the Trump Administration.


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On today's program, guest host Gretchen Hanson explores the prevelance of drug abuse and addiction in the resturant industry.


Patrick DeBow, Director of Peer Recovery Services  FHR-Fellowship Health Resources  

Matthew Krull, former bartender

Valeris Hesse, Chef in the New Orleans area

It's been 50 years since the assassination of  Robert F. Kennedy. We take a look back at the event.

In the second half, Don Rush continues his series of interviews with Democratic candidates vying to unseat Andy Harris in Marlyand's 1st Congressional District. This round, we welcome Jesse Colvin.


Michael O'Loughlin, Salisbury University Political Science Professor

Jesse Colvin , running for Congress in Maryland's 1st Congressional District

Maryland News Connection

Gretchen Hanson fills in for Don Rush on today's program to discuss  the Farm Bill of 2018, its impact on the SNAP, and the enduring social stigma of the food stamp program.

In the second half, Don Rush continues his series of interviews with Democratic candidates vying to unseat Andy Harris in Marlyand's 1st Congressional District. This round, we welcome Allison Galbraith.


Tina Maria Lopez, Administrator of Training for Union County Division of Social Services in Union County, New Jersey.

Angela Byrd

Harold Wilson’s guests on today’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition focus on children’s literature and features the June 16 Chesapeake Children’s Book Festival in Easton, MD.  Host Harold Wilson’s guests are Tim Young, organizer of the festival and author of more than ten children’s books, and Laura Powell, Children/Young Adult Services Librarian at the library.  In addition four young people from the Salisbury area will  read their favorite books.

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In the first half of today's program, we look at the growth of farmer's markets on the Eastern Shore.

In the second half, we take a deeper look at the recent events in North Korea.


Bob Miller, owner and operator of Nice Farms Creamery in Federalsburg

Lynda Blades, owner and grower of Blades Orchard and Faulkner Brand Cidery

Lisa Garfield, owner of Calliope Farms in Salisbury

Gretchen Hanson, Chef, blogger and freelance writer

Tauhyun Nam, Associate Professor with the Political Science Department at Salisbury University

In the first half of todays program, we sit down with Michael Pullen, who is vying with other  Democratic candidates to unseat Andy Harris in Marlyand's 1st Congressional District.

In the second half, learn the ABC'S of Berlin with author Joanne Guilfoil.

Guests: Michael Pullen, running for Congress in Maryland's 1st Congressional District

Joanne Guilfoil, author of Berlin, Maryland ABCs

The National Folk Festival announced its third set of artists that will grace Salisbury in September. We'll take a look and listen to these artists.

In the second half, we look at how dogs can help veterans with post traumatic stress disorder.


Caroline O'Hare, local manager of the National Folk Festival

Angela Byrd

Harold Wilson’s guests on today’s Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition are Don Rush,  Associate

Ward Museum logo

This Sunday marks Earth Day. We take a look at how Maryland is dealing with environmental issues.

In the second half, we mark the upcoming Ward Foundation's 50th Anniversary  and get a preview of the festivities.


Alan Girard with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Tom Horton, noted environmental writer

Lora Bottinelli- Executive Director at Ward Museum, Salisbury University

Dr. Kent Kimmel, Chairman of the Ward Foundation Board of Directors

We do not hear the stories of others and the narratives that make up their lives.  The stories of the lives of minority youth who often face the juvenile justice system in Wicomico County can now be heard.

It's the product of BARS: Stories of the System, a Youth Perspective and the Fenix Youth Project.

A public screening of the digital stories created in the BARS Stories of the System, From A Youth Perspective project will take place at the

It has been fifty years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We hear from local leaders on their remembrances of that day and their thoughts on the future.

In the second half, poet Gerry LaFemina is on Salisbury University's campus as part of Salisbury's Poetry Week celebrations. He'll talk about his work and his latest collection, The Story of Ash.

Guests: Eddy Boyd, retired Professor at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Charlotte King,  Chair of the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice

Nigeria Embassy

Why do people leave home to serve and fight in the wars of other countries? Are they courageous heroes or courageous fools?  This is the question raised by Dr. Herb Howe in his scholarly paper on Swedish pilot Carl von Rosen. “Did Count von Rosen “Do the Right Thing” in Biafra?” 

On today's program, we talk with David Wheelan of the Talbot Spy about the development of his online publication. In the second half, Randolph George talks about his book, "Memoir of a Skipjack".

Guests: David Wheelan with the Talbot Spy

Randolph George, author of Memoir of a Skipjack

Salisbury University recently commemorated the 50th anniversary of what came to be known as the "Cambridge Uprising" on July 24th 1967.

Guests: Dr. Peter Levy- author of The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America During the 1960s

Artura Jackson- Salisbury University Alumna, with the Maryland-National Capitol Park and Planning Commission

Lawrence MacMillan, Philadelphia Police Department Detective