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The Delmarva Peninsula is a rapidly changing place. Development is booming, we are becoming more diverse, and our arts scene is gaining recognition. Delmarva Today explores the issues and people who make living on the Peninsula such a unique place.

Your host, Don Rush, seeks out guests and issues that impact the daily lives of our listeners. How will possible wind power impact your wallet and the environment? Are local bloggers helping or hurting public discourse? Is there a way to balance the desire to preserve our small towns' heritage and encourage economic development?

From Dover to Wallops Island, from the Bridge to the Beaches and everywhere in between, Delmarva Today explores what's happening today and tomorrow in Delmarva.

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Wilson’s guest this week on Delmarva Today is Doctor Michael Murphy.  Dr. Murphy is an emergency medical physician affiliated with the Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, MD. Dr. Murphy discusses the status of the pandemic in Maryland and the Salisbury area. He also talks about how our knowledge of the virus has grown over the last five months and how treatment has changed as well. In addition he discusses how the virus itself has changed or mutated and how that has affected treatment. In terms of the issue of children going back to school this fall, Dr.

Wilson’s guest on Delmarva Today is Ashley Sweeney, here to talk about her new book Answer Creek, the story of the Donner Party. The great Missouri-based trails: the Oregon, Mormon, and California, used in the westward expansion between 1829 and 1870 saw approximately 500,000 emigrants making the journey to the west beyond the Great Plains.

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Wilson’s guest is Karen Huston Karydes. Karydes discusses her new book, complete but not yet published, about the life and work of three pioneer women writers of the 1940’s and 50’s: Shirley Jackson, Margaret Millar (the wife of Ross Macdonald), and Patricia Highsmith. The working  title of the book is When Witches Wrote Novels. All three of these women were prolific writers. Jackson wrote 6 novels and many short stories, Highsmith, 22 novels, and Millar wrote 27 novels.

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Sheriff Mike Lewis decided to withdraw his resolution for to declare Wicomico County a second amendment sanctuary. Meanwhile, County Executive Bob Culver took down the plaque for the notorious Confederate General John Winder from its location in downtown Salisbury. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush spoke with Council member Josh Hastings and Greg Bassett with the Salisbury Independent about these developments. 

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Wilson’s guest is Poet Laureate of the City of Salisbury, Nancy Mitchell. She discusses the poetry in her latest book, The Out-of-Body Shop. Mitchell has published extensively and is a 2012 Pushcart Prize winner. She is Associate Editor of Special Features for Plume, an online poetry magazine and is a professor at Salisbury University. Many of the poems in The Out-of-Body Shop address the way the mind and body react to trauma and how reintegration is achieved. 

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In part one of Delmarva Today we look at the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, an African American man, at the hands of a white police officer and the political impact of recent events. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush talks with Amber Green, co-chair of the Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Salisbury University Political Science Professor Michal O'Loughlin.

In part two of Delmarva Today Salisbury Mayor Jake Day has left to spend 10 months with his Maryland National Guard unit in Africa. But before he left we spent time talking about the issues of the day from the death of George Floyd to the impact of the coronavirus.

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The coronavirus has been especially hard on the eldlerly with nursing homes being one of the prime targets. Delmarva Today's Don Rush talks with Pattie Tingle, executive director of MAC center, and Leslie Hughes who has been self-isolating during the pandemic about the impact of the virus on seniors.

In honor of Memorial Day this week, Hal Wilson’s guest on Delmarva Today is Retired Navy Commander Dr. Charles Slater. Slater talks primarily about his work as a psychologist in the Navy Medical Corps. In this capacity he counseled Navy families, and worked on the reintegration of sailors into family and community life after long deployments. In addition, he did a tour as a professor of psychology at the Naval Academy.

Shortlisted” tells the overlooked stories of nine extraordinary women--a cohort large enough to seat the entire Supreme Court--who appeared on presidential lists dating back to the 1930s. Host Don Rush talks with co-author Hannah Johnson about the history of these women and their impact.

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, almost all, if not all, educational institutions in the US have closed their campuses and moved to online learning. This includes Salisbury University. Online classes involve faculty using the computer to connect with students online while the students sit at their computers at home or other isolated locations and receive instruction and respond to it online or other ways. Most universities will decide in June or July at the latest if they will open for in-person classes in the fall.

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Host Hal Wilson checks in with Dr. Mike Murphy, an emergency room physician, on how the Peninsula Regional Medical is coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Host Don Rush talks with Christine Ibbotson, a financial and estate planner about her new book “Don’t Panic: How to Manager Your Finances—and Financial Anxieties—During and After Coronavirus.

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The coronavirus has hit the Delmarva poultry grower with nearly 2 million chickens slated to be slaughtered due to staffing shortages at the processing plants. Delmarva Today host Don Rush talks with Virgil Shockley, a Worcester County farmer and chicken grower as well as a former county commissioner about the impact on the industry.

Hal Wilson's guest  is Delaware author Betty Kasperski who is currently recovering at home from Covid-19. Ms. Kasperski has authored four books including a novel, two short story anthologies, and her latest work coming out this year, Generations-A historical Anthology of Family History and Writings.


Many are experiencing stress during this time of shelter in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. But none more than those on the front lines. Richard Barton is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. The primary task of the Critical Incident Stress Foundation is to provide leadership, education, and training to first responders and others as they deal with the stress, and trauma of critical incidents.

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In the first half of today's program, we look at how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted Delmarva's undocumented immigrant community. Host Don Rush talks with Erika Gutierrez, a community advocate with such organizations the Safe C0mmunities Coaltion in Delaware.

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Our continuing Delmarva Today series "Dealing with the Cornoavirus" continues this week.  Hal Wilson speaks with personal fitness trainer Lynn Sutton about the importance of exercise in isolation.

DT 04-17-2020 Part One

Apr 17, 2020

On the First half of today's program, Don Rush speaks with Don Parks, author of the book, Islanders War. which depicts life on the Chesapeake Bay during the Great War.

On this edition of Delmarva Today…we talk with author Bradford Kane about what he calls Pitchfork Populism in the age of Trump.

Wilson’s guests are author Barbara Lockhart and Community Players of Salisbury actress Judy Hearn. The program features a reading by Judy Hearn of Lockhart’s short story “Liriope,” published in volume 12 of the Delmarva Review. The reading is followed by an interview with the author.  Liriope is a stream of consciousness narration by a woman working to come to terms with her dead husband. Though dead, he is very much alive in her mind as she talks to him about her struggle with his mental illness.

Delmarva Today 03132020

Mar 13, 2020

A look at how our local agencies are preparing for the Covid-19 virus.  In the second half, Alison Galbraith discusses her campain to win the Democratic Primary In MD District 1 and to unseat Andy Harris.

Guests: Dr. Charles Slivia, Chief Medical Officer for Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Olvia Butler- Wicomico County Health Department communicable disease program manager

Alison Galbraith, running for Congress in MD's 1st District

When we think of non profits, they may pop up around the holidy season with red buckets and ringing bells, But, they are an integral part of our community, providing $379 million or 14 percent of the region's total wages.

In the studio is Erica Joseph, President of the Connunity Foundation of the Eastern Shore and Pam Gregory, President and CEO of United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore.

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In small towns throughout the Delmarva Peninsula, teams like the Crisfield Crabbers, Snow Hill Tigers, Slaughter Neck Giants, and Delmar Railroaders played baseball to enthusiastic crowds.  We'll look at the history of Eastern Shore baseball and a new exhibit at Salisbury University's Nabb Research Center. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush spoke with Creston Long, director of the center, about the exhibition.

We look at historically black colleges and universities as they sue the State of Maryland for financial compensation for the disparity in funding compared to white institutions. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush talks with James White, president of the UMES-Tri-County Alumni Association.

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Local reaction to President Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address, his acquittal in the Senate, and the results of the Iowa Cacuses.


Guests: Jeremy Venook with the Center for American Progress

Dr. John Bartkovitch

Michael O'Loughlin, Professors of Politcal Science at Salisbury University

Barrie Tilghman, former Mayor of Salisbury

Angela Byrd

We are truly in the midst of a great global cultural revolution that has an impact on everyone. It is called variously “the digital revolution” or “the information age.” What is the impact of today’s digital technology that offers us such great benefits and on the other hand, such dire threats?  Wilson’s guests on Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition are Don Rush, Adam Wood, and Randall Cone.  Don Rush is Associate Program Director- Sr.

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In the first half, a recap of the first week of the impeachment hearings with Salisbury University political science professor Michael O'Loughlin.  In the second half, the The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art is celebrating the 50th annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition and Art Festival


A look at the confrontation between the United States and the death of Iranian Leader Soleimani with Muqtedar Khan, author and professor for Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware and Jacques Koko, Associate Professor  with Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Department at Salisbury Univeristy. 

Following Salisbury University's Women and Money Conference, we take a look at the wage gap and the challenges women face regarding money.


Jessica Eisenmann, financial advisor at Edward Jones

Annette Johnson, women’s leadership coach and author with Salisbury University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Mary Angela Baker, director of Salisbury University’s Center for Extended and Lifelong Learning