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The Delmarva Peninsula is a rapidly changing place. Development is booming, we are becoming more diverse, and our arts scene is gaining recognition. Delmarva Today explores the issues and people who make living on the Peninsula such a unique place.

Your host, Don Rush, seeks out guests and issues that impact the daily lives of our listeners. How will possible wind power impact your wallet and the environment? Are local bloggers helping or hurting public discourse? Is there a way to balance the desire to preserve our small towns' heritage and encourage economic development?

From Dover to Wallops Island, from the Bridge to the Beaches and everywhere in between, Delmarva Today explores what's happening today and tomorrow in Delmarva.

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Wilson’s guests are author Barbara Lockhart and Community Players of Salisbury actress Judy Hearn. The program features a reading by Judy Hearn of Lockhart’s short story “Liriope,” published in volume 12 of the Delmarva Review. The reading is followed by an interview with the author.  Liriope is a stream of consciousness narration by a woman working to come to terms with her dead husband. Though dead, he is very much alive in her mind as she talks to him about her struggle with his mental illness.

Delmarva Today 03132020

Mar 13, 2020

A look at how our local agencies are preparing for the Covid-19 virus.  In the second half, Alison Galbraith discusses her campain to win the Democratic Primary In MD District 1 and to unseat Andy Harris.

Guests: Dr. Charles Slivia, Chief Medical Officer for Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Olvia Butler- Wicomico County Health Department communicable disease program manager

Alison Galbraith, running for Congress in MD's 1st District

When we think of non profits, they may pop up around the holidy season with red buckets and ringing bells, But, they are an integral part of our community, providing $379 million or 14 percent of the region's total wages.

In the studio is Erica Joseph, President of the Connunity Foundation of the Eastern Shore and Pam Gregory, President and CEO of United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore.

Don Rush

In small towns throughout the Delmarva Peninsula, teams like the Crisfield Crabbers, Snow Hill Tigers, Slaughter Neck Giants, and Delmar Railroaders played baseball to enthusiastic crowds.  We'll look at the history of Eastern Shore baseball and a new exhibit at Salisbury University's Nabb Research Center. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush spoke with Creston Long, director of the center, about the exhibition.

We look at historically black colleges and universities as they sue the State of Maryland for financial compensation for the disparity in funding compared to white institutions. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush talks with James White, president of the UMES-Tri-County Alumni Association.

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Local reaction to President Trump's 2020 State of the Union Address, his acquittal in the Senate, and the results of the Iowa Cacuses.


Guests: Jeremy Venook with the Center for American Progress

Dr. John Bartkovitch

Michael O'Loughlin, Professors of Politcal Science at Salisbury University

Barrie Tilghman, former Mayor of Salisbury

Angela Byrd

We are truly in the midst of a great global cultural revolution that has an impact on everyone. It is called variously “the digital revolution” or “the information age.” What is the impact of today’s digital technology that offers us such great benefits and on the other hand, such dire threats?  Wilson’s guests on Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition are Don Rush, Adam Wood, and Randall Cone.  Don Rush is Associate Program Director- Sr.

Ward Museum logo

In the first half, a recap of the first week of the impeachment hearings.  In the second half, the The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art is celebrating the 50th annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition and Art Festival


A look at the confrontation between the United States and the death of Iranian Leader Soleimani with Muqtedar Khan, author and professor for Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware and Jacques Koko, Associate Professor  with Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Department at Salisbury Univeristy. 

Following Salisbury University's Women and Money Conference, we take a look at the wage gap and the challenges women face regarding money.


Jessica Eisenmann, financial advisor at Edward Jones

Annette Johnson, women’s leadership coach and author with Salisbury University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Mary Angela Baker, director of Salisbury University’s Center for Extended and Lifelong Learning

In the first half, we take a look at the new murals recently painted around Salisbury.

In the second half, we look at the possible ending to the Afghanistan war.

Guests: Salisbury Mayor Jake Day

Artists Brandon Bell and Desirea Martin

Anthony Cordesman, with the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Two stories read by actors from the Community Players of Salisbury


We talk about suicide prevention in the first half of today's program.  In the second half, we learn about the Christian Shelter and homelessness during this holiday season.

Donna Leffew with the  Life Crisis Center

Chef Gretchen Hanson

Robin Tomaselli  the Baked Dessert Cafe & Gallery

Ron Pilling with the Jesse Klump Memorial Fund

Delmarva Review

Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is on the road this  week at The University of Delaware in Georgetown, Delaware. Wilson’s guests are Wilson Wyatt, Executive Editor of the Delmarva Review and Anne Colwell, poetry editor as well as associate professor of English at the University. The program features discussion of the latest edition, volume 12, of the literary journal.

Anaylsis of two week testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in the formal impeachment inquiry of  President Trump.

Guests: Jeremy Venook with the Center for American Progress

Dr. John Bartkovitch

Dr. Adam Hoffman and Michael O'Loughlin, Professors of Politcal Science at Salisbury University. 

Dr. Susan Pickman is the Faculty Advisor and USCG Auxiliary Flotilla Staff Officer for the John Jay College Auxiliary University Program Detachment. Her career in education and the criminal justice system is broad and deep. On this occasion she has turned her skills toward history with her book, "Life on the Spanish-American Colonial Frontier", she contends that the beginning of slavery in what would become the United States of America began much earlier than 1619. Dr. Pickman joins Don Rush in this latest episode of Delmarva Today.

Cynthia Hammer stops by to talk about her new book, A Good Case.

Then, as Veteran's Day approaches, we look at those who have returned from our conflicts abroad.

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Salisbury voters go to the poll Novemember November 5th. In the first half of the program, Greg Bassett of the Salisbury Independent helps us sort out the issues and the candidates.

In the second half, an interview with Mayor Jake Day.

Wilson’s guest on Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is Jerry Sweeney author of the seven book series The Columbiad . Today Sweeney discusses the fifth book in the series, Comes the Electric Circus, a fictional memoir that takes place in the 1950s. On the surface, the 1950s was felt to be a bland time, a tepid time even. A sleepy little era quickly forgotten under the explosive upheaval of the 1960s. But for those who came of age in that era, there was also a sense of unease that manifested itself in a number of ways.

On the one year anniversary of Mike Pretl's death, the Wicomico Environmental Trust has announced the new Mike Pretl Award for Environmental Advocacy  to be presented at  their upcoming annual dinner and awards event on October 25th.

In the second half of the program, Salisbury University is marking the history of slavery with the 1619-2019: 400 years of Resilience series of events.

On the first half of today's program, we look at a new device that helps people take much needed medications. In the second half, we look at the "Mighty Moms" of Walter Reed Hospital.

Joel Feldman, President of Terripin Pharmacy and Medherent, LLC.

Dimitri Cavalthas, CEO of Lower Shore Clinic

Lori Brewster, health officer for Wicomico and Somerset Counties

Dava Guerin- author of Rebuilding Sergeant Peck and Unbreakable Bonds

trump campaign website

Local reaction to the fast moving story of potential impeachment of President Trump.

Guests: John Bartkovitch, former head of the Wicomico Country Republican Central Committee

Michael O'Loughlin, political science professor at Salisbury University

Jeremy Venook, research analyst with the Moscow project at the Center for American Progress.

Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition is on the road this month at The Writer’s Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Harold Wilson’s guest is poet Holly Karapetkova.  Karapetkova’s writings are broad ranging and unveil the deep wounds left by our history of racism, slavery, and environmental destruction. In sad recognition of the 400 year anniversary last month of the introduction of slavery into the colonies with the offloading of 20 to 30 slaves in Jamestown, Virginia, Wilson’s discussion with Karapetkova focuses primarily on her poems on slavery.

Greg Bassett of the Salisbury Independent stops by in the first half otoday's program to discuss the controversy in Salisbury regarding the National Folk Festival's liquor license.

In the second half, John Chester of Apricot Lane Farms talk about his children's book, "The Biggest Little Farm- Saving Emma the Pig" and his misson of sustainable farming.

In the first half of today's program, we meet Salisbury Mayoral candidate Wayne King.

Next, we look at how the Somerset and Worcester County are tackling opioid addiction during September's "Going Purple Month" .


Wayne King for Mayor

Somerset Rains Purple

Worcester Goes Purple

creative commons

A vigil was held at the Asbury United Methodist Church to mark the mass shooting deaths in in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Local religous leaders reflect on the meaning and impact of the shootings.

Guests: Tom Passmore, Seior Pastor atAsbury United Methodist Church.

John Wright, Pastor at the Unitarian Univeraslist Fellowship

Michael O'Loughlin, Political Science Professor at Salisbury University

On the first half of today's program, we speak with Kevin Hemstock, author of the recent book, Injustice on the Eastern Shore: Race and the Hill Murder Trial.

On the second half, we take a look and listen to the last round of performers to be announced to perform at the coming National Folk Festival.

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A local look at the hearings on Capitol Hill with Robert Mueller.

Guests:- John Bartkovich- former head of the local Republican Party

Michael O'Loughlin- Professor of Political Science at Salisbury University

Max Bergman, Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress.

Angela Byrd

This is the third in Delmarva Today: Writer’s Edition’s three part series on truth. In the first the nature of truth was discussed and what it might mean to live in a post-truth era. The second program focused on truth in civil society and how cultures develop when truth is denigrated.  In today’s program, the focus is on truth and its relation to politics. Wilson’s guests are Don Rush, Adam Wood, and Michael O’Loughlin.  Don Rush is Associate Program Director- Sr.

On the first half of today's program,  University of Delaware professor Muqtedar Khan speaks about his new book,  Islam and Good Governance: A Political Philosophy of Ihsan.

In the second half, we air an interview with violinist Elena Urioste about Chamber Music by the Sea and how yoga helps with performing classical music.