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Because I Said So is a 1/2 hour radio show featuring four fabulous women who happen to be moms. The show explores topics that parents face every day - in the grocery store, on the athletic field, in the classroom, and at home.
     We named the show after one of the expressions we swore we'd never say as parents. But alas, it's rolled off all of our tongues at some point.
     Tune in to hear stories that we hope will make you laugh, make you cry, enlighten and entertain.
     The show features Jenni Pastusak, Kim Hudson, Jackie Lanza Jennings and Cathy Bassett, and our producer, Chris Ranck, who chimes in with the dad perspective when we let him. 
     The shows airs on every other Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. after This American Life on WSDL, 90.7 FM

So, you have to do some traveling this summer.  How do you get the kids to behave in the car or on the plane? This week, Grace Foxwell Murdoch return to discuss travel behaviour.  

What are your kids going to do this summer? We have some summer camp tips and tricks this week. Plus, we have Leonora Dillion, Education Curator with the Salisbury Zoo to let us know about some of the fun things kids can do at the zoo this summer.

Prom season is here! How do you help your daughter find a dress both you and she will love without the drama? Should you buy a dress off the internet? Jodie Noonan of Amber Nicole's Bridal and Formal in Salisbury, MD drops in to give us some advice. 

How much is too much with sports? Is it better to focus on one sport or many? How do we avoid injury? This week, we chat with Brandon Havas of Havas Athlete Academy in Salisbury, MD.

This week, we share some stories and tips about dread task of potty training and some new "mom of the month" stories.

Dealing with post-partum depression

This week, we talk about girl drama and the "Six Ways You can Screw up Your Children".

If you have young children and dogs, you will want to listen in to this week's program. We talk about what types of dogs make good companions for your kids.

What is a Montessori School?  What does a typical day look like? This week, we meet Ursula Loos with the St. Andrew's Montessori School in Princess Anne, MD.

Plus, we have a "mom of the month" cautionary tale about kids breaking up via text message.

Have you ever considered home schooling your children? What is a typical day like? How do they do in college? We'll meet two home schooling moms this week and find out what being your son's or daughter's  teacher is really like.

The Mentos Soda fountain...the spelling bee...studying...and "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo". Just another crazy hectic week for the moms.

The Delmarva Education Foundation's 2nd Annual Scholarship Fair is this Saturday, January 12th at the Center at Salisbury from 10Am to 4PM.

We sit down with Diane Johnson to discuss the fair, the DEF, and what you should be thinking about right now as your kids get ready for college.

Happy New Year! Are you staying in, or going out? We talk resolutions, parties, muskrat drops, our favourite moments so far from this show and much more.

This week, we get some answers and insight about the recent incident at Sandy Hook Elementary from Dr. Kathy Seifert with Eastern Shore Psychological Services.

This week, Grace Foxwell Murdoch  returns for the first of two programs on etiquette and manners during the holiday season. We'll get helpful tips and teaching our kids to behave in front of the visiting relatives.

Think quickly...real or fake tree? Canned or homemade cranberry sauce? White lights or colourful lights? We play "holiday lightning round" this week, to let off some holiday stress.

Whether you're  in the car trying to find a parking space or helping yourself to yet another turkey sandwich,  you'll want to join us this week. We talk holidays, shopping, in-laws, fighting the "gimmies" and more.

This week, we talk about the difficult issue of suicide. We'll get some helpful information from Hope Hutira-Green and  Ron Pilling from the Worcester County Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention Program


The importance of talking to your children about Veteran's Day with Mike Detmer, the Administrative Head of the Wicomico Day School. Also, we'll get ready ready for "Just Zoo It!".

We all think we know how we would we react if our son our daughter came out as gay. This week, we chat with Jackie's Aunt Lynne, who knows first hand about it.

Our thirtieth show! This week, we chat about age appropriate chores. Should a five year old be cooking? Should a two year be able to pick up his or her toys? We'll find out how we measure up this week.

We look for ways this week to help our kids  get involved with the community with guest Kari Hoffman, Wicomico Middle School Special Education teacher and Student Learning Coordinator.  Also, an epic saga involving a tooth is our "Mom of the Month" story.

Back to school stories! Embarrassing photos, bathroom drama, last-minute summer assignments....we share it all.  

This week, we came up with a list of ten things we think every teenager should know how to do.

Back-to-school time is just around the corner! Are your children ready? Are you ready? This week, we chat with Mike Detmer, School Administrator at Wicomico Day School,  about getting our kids back into the routine of school.

When should you prepare your child (and yourself) for college? How are you going to afford it? Where are they going to go? We sit down this week with the Delmarva Education Foundation's Dianne Johnson for some good advice.

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This week, we sit down with Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis to discuss gun safety.

You have friends, and your friends have kids. What happens when your kids and your friend's kids aren't friendly? Why is it so hard to make friends after you have kids, anyway? Plus, a cautionary tale involving  a permanent marker in our "mom of the month" stories. 

This week, we focus on adoption with Morgan Burris, Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen. Then, Pam Green tells about her own experience adopting children.

How can we teach our kids about the value of a dollar? Jayme Weeg, President of Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore, drops by with tips and tricks to help our kids learn good money management skills.