Wicomico County Executive: O'Malley Should Have A Relationship With Perdue

May 10, 2012


“And your problem is what?”

That’s the to-the-point response offered by Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt on criticism lodged at Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s alleged -“cozy relationship” with an attorney for Perdue Farms Incorporated.


The allegations stemmed from Food and Water Watch’s retrieval of email correspondence from 2011 between the Governor and Herbert Frerichs, general counsel for Perdue Business Services.


The environmental group said the discussions, which ranged from chicken waste incineration to wind energy, showed a "Head of state who walks on eggshells around the chicken industry.”


Pollitt said the County is appreciative that it has a Governor who builds a bridge between State government and the County’s largest employer.


The governor’s office released a statement on Wednesday saying that the Food and Water Watch misrepresented O’Malley’s tone and that it’s no secret that the two men attended the same law school and have known each for years.


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