Two Delaware Counties Try Out New Voting Machines

Mar 8, 2019

Voting Machine
Credit ExpressVote XL

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware's new voting machines will get a test run with upcoming school board elections in two counties.

The Delaware State News reports that many voters in Kent and Sussex counties will cast their vote on the new machines May 14, when school board elections are held in seven of the 11 public schools downstate. Department of Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove says she has "yet to hear a bad comment" about the machines, which were purchased for $13 million last year.

The 1,500 ExpressVote XL machines have a voter-verifiable paper trail, so voters can ensure the machine accurately records their votes. Delaware was one of five states that had lacked that security feature.

The machines are replacing the Danaher ELECTronic 1242s, which had been used since 1995.