Taxes and Health Care: Priorities for MD Legislature

Jan 11, 2018

Maryland State Capitol
Credit creative commons

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland lawmakers are bracing for a challenging session wrestling with changes in tax and health care law in Washington.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a Democrat, told senators Wednesday on the first day of the General Assembly's 90-day session that lawmakers will need to come up with equitable solutions to "these very weighty issues that have been passed down from the federal government."

Some Maryland taxpayers are expected to pay more in state taxes due to changes in the federal tax overhaul that cut federal deductions and exemptions. Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has estimated it could create hundreds of millions of dollars in added state taxes.

Sen. J.B. Jennings, the Senate minority leader, says his goal is to support the governor and "give Maryland taxpayers the tax cut that Congress pushed for."