Tangier Mayor on CNN with Al Gore

Aug 1, 2017

Mayor James Eskridge
Credit youtube

Tangier Island will be in the spotlight tonight.

Mayor James Eskridge will appear on CNN’s Global Town Hall event with former Vice President Al Gore.

The issue: Climate Change.

Gore will be discussing his latest film “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Tangier Council member Anna Pruitt-Parks called the event on her Facebook page “a pretty big deal” adding that the mayor will be debating Gore.

Tangier Island is experiencing the effects of rising sea levels produced by climate change.

And the paper reports council member Pruitt-Parks is taking erosion of the island seriously with an online fundraiser to send a copy of a film about the phenomenon to every member of congress.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Mayor Eskridge got a phone call from President Trump after the president was told that residents were big supporters.

The president whose administration pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement also said he believed the island would be around a long time.