Sussex County GOP Moves Against Top Party Official John Fluharty

Apr 10, 2013

Delaware Republican Executive Director John Fluharty
Credit john fluharty.facebook

GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) - Some Delaware Republicans are trying to push out the state party's executive director because of his public support for legalizing same-sex marriage.

Sussex County Republican leaders introduced a nonbinding resolution at a monthly meeting this week calling for the dismissal of GOP Executive Director John Fluharty, saying his views conflict with those of the party he represents.

John Fluharty, who is gay, attended a Wilmington fundraiser last month for Equality Delaware, which advocates the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state.

The resolution, which is purely symbolic and must be reviewed by a subcommittee before a final vote, states that state party employees should "publicly reflect" the stated positions of the party.