Sussex County Council Continues Republican Dominance

Nov 8, 2018

John Rieley and Doug Hudson
Credit official photos

The Sussex County Council will stay in Republican hands.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that former Sussex Republican Committee Chair John Rieley won in the 5th district while Planning and Zoning Commissioner Doug Hudson took the 4th district seat.

The paper reports that while on the Sussex Republican Committee Rieley worked with Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell who lost a senate bid against Democrat Chris Coons.

Rieley replaced Rob Arlett who left the county council to make a failed bid against Democratic Senator Tom Carper in this year’s election.

Meanwhile, Hudson replaces the retiring Vice President of the Council George Cole.

Both candidates have vowed to up the state police presence in Sussex County although they have not provided any specific amount of spending.

The Daily Times reports that currently it costs the county $3.1 million for 22 state troopers.