Suspended Teacher Speaks Out

Sep 4, 2014

Patrick McLaw
Credit dorchester county public schools

Patrick McLaw, who was suspended two weeks ago as an 8th grade teacher at Maces Lane Middle School in Dorchester County and is author of a science fiction novel about a school shooting in the far distant future, is speaking out.

Authorities say that they acted only after he wrote a four page letter not because of the novels which were published several years ago.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis says the letter which was sent to several of his colleagues was the cause for concern along with a handmade model of a school that was found in a search of McLaw’s home.

McLaw, who is in a mental health facility on the western side of the bay, told WBOC that law enforcement have not tried to contact him.

He said they have been misinterpreting information and that they have been disseminating information incorrectly to psychiatrists and medical professionals at the facility.

In addition, McLaw said that the medical staff has been making invalid and irrelevant diagnoses.

As for the model, he says, that he used to be in architecture and engineering and that he builds them as a hobby.

He said he had a model cruise ship and a miniature house in addition to the school.   

McLaw is not under arrest and has not been charged with any crime.

He told WBOC that he is doing alright and is working on six new books.