Somerset County Takes Up New Regulations for Chicken Houses

Jun 14, 2016

Credit creative commons

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) - Changes may be on the horizon for poultry growers in Somerset County.

County commissioners are considering several zoning changes related to poultry operations, including increasing the required distance between chicken houses and neighboring properties.

At a meeting Tuesday, officials also will consider several other recommendations, including landscaping requirements and a proposal that ventilation fans be kept 1,000 feet away from adjacent properties.

Farmers and industry leaders say some of the regulations go too far, while some residents and environmentalists say they don't go far enough.

Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc., an industry trade group, has raised concerns about the proposed setbacks for ventilation fans.

But The Daily Times of Salisbury reportsĀ  that DPI is not taking a formal position on the recommendations, several of which match the group's own.