Slave Burial Ground Believed Found at Univ. of Richmond

Aug 13, 2019

Credit creative commons

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Researchers at the University of Richmond believe a burial ground of enslaved Africans may lie beneath the campus.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Collegian, the university's student newspaper, report researchers say they've discovered evidence suggesting an unknown number of slaves may be buried behind Puryear Hall.

Dywana Saunders, a research associate at one of the university's libraries, says a history book describes campus land that once belonged to lumber plantation-owner Ben Green, who likely owned slaves. A 1947 Richmond News Leader article added to the evidence, describing a small pile of bones that had been unearthed on campus.

Researchers say they hope a ground survey using radar technology will provide more answers.

President Ronald Crutcher said the university will continue conducting research on the site and create memorial plan.