School Uniforms In Somerset County High Schools by Fall

Apr 19, 2012


     Somerset County high school students will be required to wear uniforms starting in September after a unanimous vote by the Board of Education.

     A pilot program began in Greenwood and Deal Island, which immediately reported a decreases in discipline problems because uniforms put everyone on equal footing. 

     Since Greenwood was so successful, uniforms were expanded into Princess Anne Elementary and Woodson Elementary in Crisfield. 

     School officials began looking at expanding uniforms into the high schools a year ago, but the idea was tabled due to lack of input. 

      Most parents of younger children in the county who have been wearing uniforms for the past two years say they support the expansion of the initiative into the high schools because less costly and easier for the kids to get dressed. 

      Students have the option of wearing slacks, capris, skirts, skorts or jumpers that can be paired with a collard top.