School Uniforms Could Be Coming To Wicomico County

Feb 15, 2012


            The Wicomico County School district inched closer to a school uniform program…next year for some schools…after yesterday’s board meeting.

            A final vote is set for next month. 

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports that so far 11 elementary schools and Wicomico High have expressed interest in the Consistent Attire Program.

             It would require students to select from a very limited range of colors and styles of clothing.

            But…it has drawn opposition from parents.

            Ben Brumbley, president of the Wicomico County Council of PTAs, says…that his phone – in his words -- has been ringing off the hook with parents against it.

            Meanwhile…Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan spoke out in favor of uniforms…noting that they would discourage gang recruitment.

            Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis has also come out in support of school uniforms.