Salisbury Mayor Wants New Powers Over Department Heads

Feb 17, 2012


             Mayor Jim Ireton says he wants the Salisbury City Council to consider at-will status for the city administrator and department heads, giving him sole hiring and firing power.

            Ireton argued that because the council had changed the city charter to give them sole authority over the city Attorney his office should be given that same power over the city administrator and department heads.

            The Council also has sole oversight of the City Clerk’s office.

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Ireton said given the seismic shift of the council taking the legal department with no check and balances afforded to his administration he was requesting the change to ensure – in his words – the successful implementation of my goals for Salisbury.

            Council President Terry Cohen declined to comment for the paper on whether she would support at-will employment status for these positions.

            But, she said, she would put it on the work session agenda.

            The request follows this week’s demand by Council member Laura Mitchell that Council President Cohen and Council Vice President Debbie Campbell step down from their leadership positions.