Racially Charged Incidents in the Region

Dec 16, 2016

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CLARKSVILLE, Md. (AP) - Howard County police have arrested a man they say vandalized 15 properties in Clarksville.

The department said in a news release that 24-year-old Taylor Richard Allen was charged with 42 offenses, including destruction of property, malicious burning and committing a hate crime.

Police say between April and December, they responded to numerous vandalism incidents, including swastikas and other graffiti being written or painted on sidewalks, footpaths, playgrounds, mailboxes, cars and other property.

Officers say tired on 26 cars were punctured in the area during the eight-month period.

Police say investigators on surveillance saw Allen on a footpath early Wednesday, and arrested him.

Allegations of Racism at Maryland School

POTOMAC, Md. (AP) - Winston Churchill High School officials are being called on to better address racially charged incidents that have occurred at the school.

The Washington Post reportsĀ  that last month, two students taped a "whites only" sign to a school's bathroom door. In a Dec. 7 incident, students allegedly entered a Republican club meeting, called the members racist and wrote "Black Lives Matter" on a classroom whiteboard.

Montgomery County Republican leader Richard Jurgena addressed the county school board on Tuesday and called for a "complete, rapid and nonpartisan" investigation of the Dec. 7 incident.

A Churchill employee told the Washington Post that the school didn't alert teachers about either incident. Sixteen-year-old student Ethan Miller says school officials need to better inform parents and students about problems at the school.

Churchill's principal, Joan Benz, didn't respond to requests for comment.