Protesters Gather for Voting Rights Amidst Government Shutdown

Jan 4, 2019

Protesters Gather in Downtown Salisbury
Credit Don Rush

Around 50 people gathered in front of the government building in downtown Salisbury Thursday as the nation entered yet another day of the partial shutdown of the federal government.

They held signs calling specifically for electoral reform such as automatic voter registration, public funds for campaigns and an end to gerrymandering.

But hovering over this crowd as they stood in the cold were the events in Washington and the standoff between the president and the newly empowered House Democrats over his demand for funding of a border wall.  

Cindy Dillon is with the organization Indivisible Worcester Maryland one of the sponsors of the protest.

She said, “I think people are very disillusioned that we would close down the government because of trying to have a border wall on the southern borders which is, in essence, is not necessary. I understand that he wants it but I don’t think it’s necessary to close down the government because of it. I think that people are very disillusioned that he would do this.”

Meanwhile, Jered Schablein with the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus added, “Federal workers had to spend Christmas and New Years without a pay check. It’s horrible to punish working people because you don’t get your way.

The groups included Indivisible Dorchester County.

They planned to take their petition for the voting rights bill or HR 1 to the office of Republican Congressman Andy Harris.