Protest Calls for Markell to Act on Allegations of Racism

Mar 1, 2016

Governor Jack Markell (D-De)
Credit creative commons

There was a protest of around 25 people outside Governor Jack Markell’s office in downtown Wilmington.

It was held by the NAACP and black ministers who called on the governor to act in response to the widespread allegations of racism in state government.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the Reverend Silvester Beaman of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church said there should be zero tolerance such behavior.

During the summer the NAACP and the minister held a series of closed-door hearings around the state gathering testimony about the racial atmosphere in state government.

Labor Secretary John McMahon announced his retirement after serious allegations were made in his department.

Markell has named Patrice Gilliam-Johnson to replace him.

Reverend Beaman said that McMahon was not held responsible for what occurred during his watch and McMahon said that he was not forced to retire.