Proposed CAFO Gets Resistance in Worcester County

Apr 25, 2018

Credit Don Rush

Another large chicken house has been proposed.

This time on Peerless Road off U.S. Route 13 in Worcester County.  

The permit for construction of the concentrated animal feeding operation has been approved.

Now the Maryland Department of the Environment must sign off on a water discharge permit.

But environmentalists are requesting a public hearing with the state officials so they could hear the concerns of the residents.  

Kathy Phillips, executive director of the Assateague Coastal Trust, told WBOC that neighbors are worried about the impact on water quality in the area and do not believe this is the right place for such a large poultry operation.

Phillips made the demand during a public hearing last night where the applicant was not present.

The state environmental officials said they appreciated the public input while they make a decision.