Perdue Sends Help to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Sep 1, 2017

Credit Perdue logo

Perdue will sending at least 1 million pounds of protein to southeastern Texas in help Houston and the surrounding area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The food will be sent to the local Feeding America-affiliated food banks and the Houston Independent School District.

The poultry company has already sent a half million pounds to the school district to feed the victims of the hurricane.

About half is being sent to the Houston as well San Antonio and Victoria.   

In addition, the firm also has kept many of the pets in mind often stranded with their owners as they dealt with the rising waters.

Perdue has sent 68-thousand pounds of its Spot Farms brand dehydrated dog food to Feeding America.

Steve Evans, president of Perdue Foods, said that the images of those suffering from the hurricane compelled the company to act and provide some comfort for those affected by the hurricane.