Perdue Foundation Donates $1 Million to Food Banks

Jan 17, 2020

Perdue Farms CEO Randy Day
Credit official photo

Perdue Farms is donating $1 million to support its Feeding America-affiliated food bank partners through its foundation.

WBOC reports that this is a companywide effort that provides protein to those struggling with their food budget.

Randy Day, CEO of Perdue Farms, noted that one in nine American struggle with getting enough food for themselves and their families.

The foundation is putting up $100-thousand to ten organizations that range from the Maryland Food Bank and the Delaware Food Bank to other organizations in Virginia and along the Mid-Atlantic Coast.

In addition, the television station reports that the company is doubling in its commitment to Feeding America from 4 million pounds to 20 million by 2025.

The company says that it has donated more than 76 million pounds of protein over that last 19 years.