OC Police Chief Blasts H2Oi Car Crowds

Oct 4, 2017

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro
Credit official photo

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - The police chief in Ocean City are has blasted participants in the unsanctioned H20i car rally over the weekend for "appalling behavior" that forced officers to respond to more than 2,700 calls.

The annual event brings crowds to Ocean City to showcase heavily modified Audis and Volkswagens.

About two weeks ago, the organizer announced that this year's event would be postponed until 2018. But hundreds of people showed up anyway, beginning Thursday, and caused headaches for local police.

Chief Ross Buzzuro said many of the visitors were "unruly." He said there were isolated incidents of violence. The said that, combined with heavy traffic, litter, rudeness and negligent driving "cast a very negative view over the whole weekend."

Police made 78 arrests from Thursday through Sunday, many for disorderly conduct and open container charges.