New Castle County Landfill Exceeds Air Emission Limits

Nov 8, 2019

Credit creative commons

NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control says a county landfill has been exceeding air emissions limits for more than a year.

The Wilmington News Journal reports a state notice of violation sent to the Minquadale landfill gives it until Dec. 2 to install a device that lessens the emissions.

The notice says the landfill has been exceeding hourly limits for sulfur oxide emissions since October 2018. Federal authorities say the chemicals can cause breathing difficulties and issues. Waste Management spokesman John Hambrose says the current level of emissions don't pose a public health or safety concern.

Despite the ongoing violation, the landfill is at the center of a lawsuit against New Castle County by landfill operator Waste Management, which is fighting to increase the landfill's size.