More Transparency by SU for Disciplinary Actions Against Fraternities (Updated)

Feb 24, 2014

Credit Salisbury University Logo

For the first time Salisbury University listed a notice about two suspended fraternities on its campus website in late January.

In addition, a campus-wide email was issued around the extended suspension of Greek social fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon for hazing.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the action follows criticism by elected officials and others after details became public about alleged hazing and illegal alcohol use at some of the University’s Greek organizations.

Gabby Llerena, a senior, and a member of the sorority Phi Mu says she was shocked by the allegations.

The uproar occurred in late December when Bloomberg News described hours-long ice baths, the gulping of alcoholic concoctions and reckless-driving episodes.

Llerena adds despite the actions by school officials, it will also take leadership at the fraternities and sororities to ensure against such hazing practices.

Traditionally, the University has made notifications of disciplinary actions to the campus Greek organizations and associated governing board.

The website notices were not posted and news releases were not issued and, the paper notes, media coverage was virtually non-existent.