MD Senate Approves Bill to Up Penalties for Hazing

Mar 26, 2014

Halloway Hall, Salisbury University
Credit Salisbury University Website

The Maryland State Senate has given its blessing to increasing the penalties for hazing.

The measure by state senator Jamie Raskin would up the criminal penalty from $500 to $5-thousand with jail time capped at six months.

The legislation came as a result of hazing incident at Sigma Alpha Epsilon on the campus of Salisbury University.

Pledges were reportedly kept in a dark basement for many hours without food water or bathroom breaks while techno music was played at a loud volume.

Another time pledges were blindfolded and put in the back seat of a car that was driven at high speeds without the use of seat belts.

The Salisbury Daily Times obtained record form the University that showed that there had been four disciplinary incidents in the Greek system.