MD Comptroller Decries Veto Overide of Bill Curtailing Authority

Apr 1, 2019

Comptroller Peter Franchot (D-MD)
Credit official photo

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot denounced the veto override of a measure that removes the authority over alcohol, tobacco and gasoline from his office.

He said, “I salute Governor Hogan for doing the right thing in vetoing this disappointing piece of legislation. It’s going to cost the taxpayers fifty million dollars over five years. It’s a crazy bill.”

He added, “The governor described it as a solution in search of a problem.”

He said it was unclear how the transfer of authority to a special commission would work – especially when it comes to the use of his own law enforcement personnel.

Franchot also does not have confidence in the commission which, he adds, may be subject to political pressure.

The Maryland Democrat sees this move by the Democratic leadership in Annapolis as retribution for his close relationship with the Republican Governor Larry Hogan and his support of the craft beer industry.