MD City Loses in High Court's Decision on Pregnancy Centers

Jun 29, 2018

Credit creative commons

BALTIMORE (AP) - The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear from a Maryland city that wants pregnancy centers opposed to abortion to notify patients they don't provide such services.

The Daily Record of Baltimore reports the high court declined Thursday to hear Baltimore's appeal of a lower-court ruling that struck down a city ordinance requiring notification.

Baltimore's 2009 ordinance required "limited-service pregnancy centers" to have signs posted in English and Spanish that said they didn't provide abortion or birth-control services. The signs also had to say if the facility didn't provide referrals for those services. The Archdiocese of Baltimore challenged the ordinance in 2010.

The newspaper reports the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a similar law in California was unconstitutional. It ruled that compelling notification violates a center's right to free speech.