Mayor-Elect Jake Day Faces New Salisbury City Council

Nov 4, 2015

Mayor-elect Jake Mayor
Credit Don Rush

Mayor-elect Jake Day will be taking the helm in the wake of yesterday’s city election which also saw a dramatic change in the city council.

Day ran unopposed as did council vice president Laura Mitchell.

The Mayor-elect said, “This is going to be a different council and they’re all going to have to work together. I am excited for them. They have to be a team. And, we have to be a team as a city.

For voters there was a myriad of issues on their minds:

Casey Martin, graphics designer, said “To be honest I was looking at candidate’s personalities, to see if they are willing to work together for issues – just to see how they get along together.”

Meanwhile, Hillary, a nurse, said, ”I’m concerned about revitalizing downtown. I’m also concerned about job growth in Salisbury. And, also, making sure that living is high quality for all citizens of Salisbury.”

Council District Races

Salisbury City Council District Map
Credit Don Rush

The current Mayor Jim Ireton appeared to be headed for a win in District beating back Roger Mazzullo by 56% to 42%.

Incumbent Shanie Shields appeared to lose her bid for another term to April Jackson by a vote of 48% to 41%.

Muir Boda finally won a seat in local government in District 2 while council member Jack Heath won a seat in District 3.

(Kaydee Jones and Stephanie Chisley contributed reportorial work for this story)