Maryland Bill to Close Six Remaining Coal-Fired Plants

Feb 26, 2020

Coal-Fired Power Plant
Credit creative commons

ANNAPOLIS, MD. (AP)- Maryland would phase out the state's six remaining coal-fired plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under legislation that has bipartisan support.

Opponents who work at the plants said that this would cause the loss of hundreds of jobs and urged lawmakers to study the idea further before taking action.

Before the Senate Finance Committee hearing state Senator Chris West noted that Maryland's six coal-fired plants only operated for a total of 17 days last year.

The Republican said that electricity from coal fired plants is unsustainable.

One lawmaker said that a transition period would be open to negotiation. 

Meanwhile, Debra Raggio, a senior vice president with Talen Energy, said the few days that the plants are called on to produce energy are important to meet demands.