Hudson Farm Pollution Case Survives

Mar 6, 2012


            A federal judge in the case of the Hudson Farm accused of violating the Clean Water Act will go on with no victories for either side.

            Judge William Nickerson said that he would allow testimony by expert witness Bruce Bell…upon whom the WaterKeeper Alliance is relying in their case against Alan and Kristin Hudson who own a farm in Berlin.

            Perdue Farms wanted the judge to ignore the testimony.

            Meanwhile Nickerson was also critical of the Waterkeepers, writing that He believed they were looking for an opportunity to bring a citizen suit under the Clean Water Act against some chicken production operation…under contract with a major poultry integrator.

            Meanwhile, State Senator Rich Colburn wants to transfer funds from the University of Maryland Law clinic that is helping the Waterkeepers in their suit to create a similar clinic for farmers.

            That would move $500-thousand from the law clinic’s lobby shop to establish an agricultural law clinic at the University of Baltimore.

            The Eastern Shore Republican’s legislation would have to go before the entire Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports that State SenatorDavid Brinkley, a Republican from Frederick, says it is unclear how much backing the amendment would have in the General Assembly.