Harris Defends Tax Cut Package at Town Hall

Nov 13, 2017

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md)
Credit official photo

Congress Andy Harris defended the proposed tax cut package now on Capitol Hill saying that it would ensure a vast majority of the middle class would get tax relief.

In addition, the Salisbury Daily Times reports Harris said he favored eliminating all deductions and moving to a flat tax.

The Eastern Shore Republican also defended the proposed cuts in the corporate tax rate saying that domestic corporations that compete in the international market are now at a disadvantage.

There was one protester dressed in a Monopoly costume who was forcibly removed after shouting that Harris’ constituents would lose their Medicare and Medicaid for more tax cuts.

Harris has been criticized this year for not holding more town halls with constituents.

Earlier this year the first big meeting he held was a raucous affair where he was often interrupted and booed.