Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill Passes Delaware House

Jun 19, 2013


House Approves Bill

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The state House has approved a Senate bill outlawing discrimination against transgender people in Delaware.

The bill was approved on a 24-17 vote Tuesday and now goes back to the Senate for consideration of a House amendment

The legislation adds gender identity to the list of protected nondiscrimination categories, including race, age, religion and sexual orientation. It also allows for enhanced penalties under Delaware's hate crimes law for targeting someone based on his or her gender identity.

Bill supporters say transgender people are not protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation because they can be straight or gay.

Opponents say the bill is unnecessary and will lead to disturbances by men in girls' restrooms and locker rooms.

Jamyla Krempel


With the House passage of the gender identity anti-discrimination legislation in Delaware we conclude our award winning series “Putting on the Costume” by Jamyla Krempel

In this 3rd and final part she explores issue of discrimination  – especially in employment where their jobless rate has been estimated as high as 14 percent.