Gasification Plant Has Doubter on Wicomico County Council

Feb 6, 2014

Credit Don Rush

A $75 million price tag and questions about the technology has at least one Wicomico Council member oppose -- at least for the moment -- to  the construction of a gasification plant to ease the strain on the county’s landfill.

Council Vice President Bob Culver says the price tag for construction of the plant is one problem.

“As far as spending $75 million I would not be in favor of that right now. The other part of the gasification project would be that it’s new and not been tried in the United States.”

In addition, he says, “There’s a lot of ins and outs as to who will take care of it. Who’s responsibility is it if it doesn’t work. We all know what’s happened to the Salisbury wastewater treatment plant. So, I don’t think that Wicomico County wants to experience the same thing.”  

The county is hoping a private company will assume the cost of building the facility that would vaporize household garbage and turn it into energy.