Frederick County Sheriff's Office Accused of Profiling in Immigrant Case

Jul 12, 2019

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins
Credit official photo

BALTIMORE (AP) - An immigrants' rights group is accusing a sheriff's office in Maryland of racially discriminating against Latinos and engaging in localized immigration enforcement.

The group and an immigrant filed a lawsuit Thursday against Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins and two deputy sheriffs.

The immigrant, Sara Haidee Aleman Medrano, has lived in Frederick for more than 13 years. Medrano alleges she was profiled and illegally detained in July 2018 when she was pulled over because of an alleged broken taillight.

The lawsuit states Medrano was questioned about her immigration status and detained for about an hour while a deputy unsuccessfully tried to get an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officer to respond to the scene.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyers argue other immigrants have been targeted.

The sheriff's office declined to comment.