Farmers Await Assistance From Washington, while U.N. May Look at Migrant Worker Conditions

Oct 22, 2012

Farm Bill

Maryland farmers are looking to the lame duck session of congress to restore money that financially assists agriculture, conservation programs and food stamps.

Earlier this month leaders on Capitol Hill failed to reach agreement on the Farm Bill leaving Washington to campaign for their legislative offices in the last few weeks left before the November election.

Valerie Connelly with the Maryland Farm Bureau told the Salisbury Daily Times said that the absence of action will make it hard for farmers to make decisions in the coming months.

While the harvest is over this year she said farmers could wait to take out loans for new equipment or conservation projects if they are uncertain about the future government support.

United Nations

Some legal aid folks in Maryland are seeking help from the United Nations to crackdown on poor working conditions for migrant workers. Delmarva Public Radio's Stephanie Barlas prepared this report.