ECI Biogas Facility Asks Local Farmers for Chicken Manure

Feb 14, 2012



            The Virginia based EcoCorp Incorporated is now contracting with Delmarva farmers for 8-thousand tons of chicken manure annually that will be used at the proposed ECI Biogas facility.

            The plant will convert chicken waste into electricity and custom blended fertilizer for market.

            The company will pay 1 cent per pound of chicken litter, which translates into $20 per ton.

            John Ingersoll, president of the company, says…that an average truck holds about $400 to $500 or around 25 tons.

            The Westover plant is expected to supply one-third of the electricity needs of the Eastern Correctional Institution.

            Ingersoll adds that he expects his company will have 25 similar sites throughout Delmarva.