Dust Up Over Residency in Delaware State Senate Race

Aug 8, 2018

Laura Sturgeon
Credit campaign photo

The battle for the Delaware state senate finds the GOP denouncing the Democratic candidate Laura Sturgeon over her residency claim in the district.

She is facing incumbent Republican Greg Lavell.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the state GOP says Sturgeon has handed out letters claiming she has lived in the district since she was a small child.

The paper reports that her parents have lived in the Greenville area for many years but that she moved to Newark while attending college in the 1990’s.

In addition, the three schools that she taught in are not inside the district.

The actual author of the letter Becky Brill is with the progressive group Highlands and Beyond Indivisible,

She told the paper that she wrote the letter and didn’t get the details exactly right.

The letter does not mention the progressive group.

The official campaign literature and Sturgeon’s website does give the correct amount of time she has been in the district.