Dominion Overcharges Customers, Bad Meter Readings

Jun 2, 2017

Credit Dominion Energy website

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Dominion Energy overcharged some of its commercial customers by not properly reading their meters, and the electric utility says it doesn't know how far back the problem may go.

The company recently filed a motion with state regulators saying it may have overcharged 24,000 commercial customers between 2013 and 2016 because Dominion's meter readers were not resetting meters each month to track peak demand. Commercial customers are charged monthly both based on how much electricity they use and their highest demand for electricity.

The company plans to give refunds to affected customers.

Dominion Vice President Charlene Whitfield said improper readings may have occurred before 2013, but the company doesn't have the records to check. She said customers who can show they were overbilled prior to 2013 will get refunds.