A Demand for the Top Leadership on the Salisbury City Council to Step Down

Feb 16, 2012


            Salisbury City Council member Laura Mitchell is calling on Council President Terry Cohen and Council Vice President Debbie Campbell to step down from their leadership positions.

            Mitchell charged that many stake holders in the city have lost faith in them.

            In addition…Mitchell is accusing Council President Cohen of violating the city charter by refusing to consider the nomination for a vacancy on the Board of Zoning Appeals…and by sending a letter of termination to former City Attorney Paul Wilber in mid-January before the council voted on the issue.

            She also said Cohen and Council Vice President Campbell have conducted closed door meetings with the new City Attorney Mark Tilghman.

            She said…those meetings should have been attended by all council members.

            Cohen and Campbell said…they could not comment.

            Delmarva Public Radio’s Jamyla Premkel report.